Why Include Mobile Marketing in Your Marketing Campaigns?

Marketing campaigns help us to create awareness for our brands to increase the potential customers. According to a survey, in India only there are 1 billion mobile users with an access to the internet connection. In the recent few years, India has transformed digitally to a massive extent. If we go according to the stats then probably mobile marketing will have a great impact.

And now, when we have transformed digitally, our youth also have become smart. Everyone is using their smartphones to do daily and mundane tasks. Want to buy a gift for girlfriend?  You go online on your phone and ordered one. Want to book a cab? You do it on your phone! Every other mundane task has been done on the smartphones. We are surrounded by the mobile technology that even if we want to get rid of it we won’t be able to get out of the vicious shackles of the technological revolution.

If you are not holding the mobile marketing campaigns then you surely are missing something which is potential customers. It is a high time you start thinking about doing Mobile marketing and mar5keting campaigns to benefit your business.

Even Google is one step ahead of you. It also has created AMP program which stands for Accelerated mobile pages to make websites mobile friendly. When can Google understand the growth of the mobile and understand that mobile users also contribute to something why you can’t? If you have decided to or have given a thought about holding the mobile marketing campaigns and wondering what is this AMP then go through what is AMP (Accelerated mobile pages) in Layman’s Language to know more about AMP and how does it work.

More and more users are accessing the internet from their mobile phones. According to a survey in recent past years, mobile users have left the desktop users behind them. In of the surveys, it was revealed that more of the emails are opened first in the mobile phones than on desktops. See the graph below to see the statistics and decide yourself and I would recommend you to do mobile marketing as soon as possible.

If you are thinking what the heck is mobile marketing then, it as simple as that. It means to do marketing and target the mobile users and convert them into potential users by running mobile friendly advertisements.

I think in this digital world, the epoch of mobile users has come. Change is constant and hence we have to adopt the changes to get maximum benefit and if we do not adopt changes our survival will become difficult. So, it is essential to hold mobile marketing campaigns to gain maximum benefit.