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  • Strategic keyword analysis and recommendations
  • Bid management to fetch an excellent Return on Investment
  • Copywriting catchy and effective content
  • Monitoring of keyword performance, traffic, and ROI

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SEM/PPC services

ROI Based Googles Ads (PPC) Management Services Agency in India

Analysis & Strategy

A thorough analysis of the business website, the competition, and the market is required for framing a PPC strategy that works. Our experts make sure that they carry out an in-depth study of parameters such as the business goals, user metrics, and competitor strategy.

Social Media Ads

Social media advertising is a type of digital marketing that utilizes social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to deliver paid ads to your target audience. Social media ads are a quick and effective way to connect with your consumers and boost your marketing campaigns.

Keyword Targeting

The choice of the right keywords is imperative to the success of a paid ad campaign. As a Google Certified PPC AdWords Agency, we carry out an exhaustive keyword research and pick the ones that drive targeted traffic to the client’s business.

Campaign Launch

Our experts also work on campaign schedule to make sure that they run at the right time. We include retargeting and remarketing in our services so that your business does not lose valuable leads.

Google Search Ads

Help users discover by using our smart search ads management campaign and generate more & more leads and increase your business multifold. Search ads are one of the best ways to reach to your audience having intent. Whenever your potential customer goes to Google search they will find you.

Remarketing Ads

This is the best method that lets you interact with the audience who has already visited your website or have already interacted with your business.

Google Shopping Ads

This is the best thing for you if you are running an online E-commerce business. This lets you showcase your product only to those who actually willing to purchase.

Mobile Advertising

This is the fastest growing advertising method in the past few years. If you are running a business and not leveraging mobile advertising then you're missing a chunk of your potential customers.

Why Our India's Google Ads Services is an Effective Way for Businesses?

Quick Results

Paid search advertising is a wonderful way for a company to obtain results quickly since it is possible to set up a campaign and immediately put it live. This makes paid search advertising an excellent choice.

Only Pay for Actual clicks

Businesses are only required to pay when someone clicks on their advertisement; the total cost of the campaign is not covered by the fee. However, as was said earlier, you also have the option to pay for impressions if you want your business to expand and become known by a greater number of people.

Accomplish Your Business Goals

This is frequently the most compelling argument in favour of using pay-per-click advertising. PPC may assist you in accomplishing a wide variety of business and marketing objectives.

Why Choose Us?

Why We Are Best Google Ads/PPC Management Services Company in India as Compared to Others?

Selecting a platform based on your niche

After this step, the historically best-performing platforms are determined depending on the sort of business you run, our market research, and the consumer group that we will need to direct our attention toward.

Customizing Campaigns

We will construct your bespoke PPC campaign with the help of our PPC Experts, capitalizing on the benefits of the chosen platform and formulating it in a way that is strategically designed to meet your own marketing objectives.

Target Right Audience

Each of our campaigns is tailored to your specific audience of clients located in the region of your choice and employs a set of keywords that have been chosen with great consideration.

Our Experts Work Process for Google Ads PPC Management Services in India

Comprehensive Keyword Analysis

Finding and managing PPC keywords is essential to any successful PPC campaign. Considering that it comes before performing pay-per-click advertising. We assist you in locating pertinent keywords that will help direct relevant traffic to the website of your business.

Ad grouping and keywords

An ad group consists of one or more ads with related target audiences. When the keywords in an ad group cause an advertisement to appear, you may specify a bid or price. We aid in separating the ad copy from the keywords.

Effective ad copy writing

The user will read your ad copy before clicking on it. We at Digital Edge target the appropriate user group, interest, demographic, and—most importantly—based on the goods and services you provide when we develop ad text.

Cost-Effective Bid Strategy

Google advertising provide a variety of bid strategies that may be customised to your campaign's needs based on the networks you are targeting and the goals you are trying to achieve, such as clicks, impressions, conversions, or views.

Conversion Monitoring

Conversion tracking is one of the most important components since it provides an accurate picture of how the ad campaign has been working and the outcomes for the same performance. With the aid of our PPC management services, we assist you in generating sizable visitors.

Review and reporting

The most crucial phase in any successful PPC campaign is review and reporting. At Digital Edge, we prioritise regular reviews with comparable goals and growth monitoring. As a result, we give our clients detailed monthly reports.

About Our Google Ads/PPC Services Company in India

Digital Edge is a group of Google Ads certified PPC marketing specialists in India and a PPC marketing firm. Our PPC services assist you in building a brand identity and attracting immediate web traffic from search engine results.

  • Working on projects as if it were our own enterprise.
  • Working tirelessly to improve our abilities.
  • Constant customer assistance.
  • Professionals who are Google AdWords and Bing Certified.
  • Comprehensive understanding of all business types.
  • Ten years or more of experience managing PPC services for various Indian firms.
  • The youthful Startups team.

Our Clients

No matter how big or little, each and every one of our clients is important to us and is treated with respect.

What Our Clients Say

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below mentioned are the list of some questions that people may ask, before consulting into Google Ads Management Company in India.

There are a few different Google ad kinds available.

  • Search Network campaigns: These advertisements, which are often text-based, appear on Google Search results pages when people look for goods or services that are comparable to yours.
  • Display Network campaigns: These are image-based advertisements that users see on applications or websites.
  • Video campaigns: These commercials, which are often brief films, can be seen before or during YouTube content.
  • Remarketing ads: These advertisements are directed at past visitors to your website with the intention of luring them back.
  • Google Shopping Ads: This ad format showcases a product you are marketing
  • Local service ads: With this ad kind, people looking for a particular service in their region may find your company more easily.
  • Sponsored Gmail campaigns: These allow ads to appear in prospects' inboxes through the Google Display Network.

PPC enables marketers to nearly instantaneously display adverts to their intended market. Paid search ads are managed by keyword targeting, where marketers choose pertinent terms that their potential consumers will be looking at. One of the most well-known platforms is Google Ads.

A skilled and committed team at Digital Edge can help you run a profitable PPC campaign. We are conversion specialists and can lead your PPC ads to success. We crunch the data and help you generate more conversions.

The following are the main factors you should think about before choosing a PPC firm:

  • Learn how the business operates and how its technique works. By starting the dialogue with the firm, you can determine that.
  • Be aware of their background and knowledge.
  • Cost-effectiveness - This is the least important factor to take into account, but if you hire an expensive PPC firm, give them your whole marketing budget, and then claim you don't receive the results you wanted, you won't have a backup plan or business to work with.

So it makes sense to target an inexpensive PPC business in India.

To assure the greatest profit at the lowest cost, we are motivated by a results-oriented strategy. In order for you to monitor the development, we also give you a monthly report.

On well-known search engines like Google and Bing, we launch PPC ad campaigns. To reach the widest possible audience, we also execute advertising campaigns on several social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

When PPC ads are compelling and relevant, people click on them. The SERP advertisement receives the most clicks. Run PPC ad campaigns if you want people to purchase your goods or services.

The cost of a PPC ad is determined by a number of variables, including the bid model, ad quality, and targeted keywords. Please feel free to contact our experts for more information.

PPC, is a paid advertisement conducted by digital marketing firms to increase web traffic. Whereas PPC guarantees you success with maximum lead and inquiry creation, which further translates into sales and creates profit.

However, spending money on SEO aids a company in generating organic traffic, where rankings are determined by how SEO-friendly a website is made. As a result, increasing traffic here doesn't cost you anything more.

Yes, we offer PPC services to various varieties of companies. For our clients, we design personalised packages based on their needs. We endeavour to comprehend your objectives and perform in line with them.

Web development, graphic design, and digital marketing are our three main areas of specialisation. With more than ten years of expertise, we have completed more than 200 projects across several sectors.

Digital Edge has a number of price options. Fixed Price, Time Based, or Dedicated Team models are available for selection.

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