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  • Strategic keyword research and advice
  • Managing bids to get a high return on investment
  • Creating engaging and powerful material for copy
  • Tracking keyword performance, traffic, and return on investment

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What We Offer in Google Adwords/PPC Management Services in Noida

Search Ads

The most popular kind of paid search marketing is search advertising. Prospects who are already searching for your brand's products online see search advertising. These Google Adwords/PPC advertisements work well for one-time campaigns or promotions with brief sales cycles. Our pay-per-click advertising solution suggests firms to use search advertising to generate solid, high-quality leads from potential new clients.

Display Ads

It is well known that display advertising reaches more than 90% of web visitors. These display advertising target people visiting websites that are relevant to their sector and appear on all of Google's affiliated websites. Online consumers are drawn in by display advertising's enhanced images and content, which persuade them to behave appropriately.

Social Ads

Paid social media advertisements are a quickly expanding subset of PPC advertising services. Social networking platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter all provide social advertisements. They are set up to connect with prospects based on their networks, passions, interests, and other characteristics. The ideal candidates for social media advertising are firms with a robust online presence and precisely targeted audiences

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing is regarded as one of the best strategies for connecting with consumers that have double-digit conversion rates. These retargeting advertisements encourage site visitors to persuade and return to convert by reminding them of their previous visits. Remarketing is a less expensive option than search advertising since it is less competitive and more targeted to certain client categories.

Shopping Google Ads

Google Shopping advertisements work effectively on websites with a wide selection of items. These PPC advertisements display in the carousel next to or above Google's top-level search results, enabling potential customers to compare prices and items before visiting the website. Our PPC services advise contacting clients who have a clear purchasing intention.

In-stream Ads

In-stream advertisements on YouTube are also included. These are pay-per-click advertisements that may be found on the Display Network search results for YouTube videos and other video partners. YouTube advertising provide your business a memorable and distinctive presentation. Facebook also introduced in-stream adverts, which let businesses position advertisements during the most advantageous times and organic gaps in video content.

Local Services Ads

The local service advertisements use a pay per lead basis, and it appears you are not charged for clicks that do not result in leads. Locksmiths, electricians, HVAC firms, and plumbers are just a handful of the areas that local service ads are applicable to. Through partnerships with local service providers, our PPC services increase the visibility of their companies among their target audiences.

Amazon PPC Ads

Amazon ads are said to be the most well-known PPC service in the internet environment. Placing sponsored adverts throughout the platforms' major hubs enables Amazon merchants to increase sales, raise brand recognition, and encourage more store visits. At Digital Edge, we assist you in arranging your Amazon PPC campaigns by utilising the technical proficiency and understanding of our PPC experts.

Our Google Ads Expert’s Strategy to boost your Business?

Keyword Research & Analysis

Our Google Adwords/PPC services Company in Noida employ a variety of methods to comprehend consumer search behaviour and forecast the likely terms they will enter into the search box. We can locate your desired keywords and group them according to their industry significance, level of competition, and number of searches. Our paid search specialists will help you consistently hone your keyword list to appeal to the interests and search intentions of your target consumers.

Landing Page Conversion Optimization

Start using our Google Ads(PPC) Service in Noida provider to boost the amount and quality of your leads. By choosing effective keywords, writing interesting content, and including clear CTAs on the landing pages, we may develop some strong headlines. By combining SEO and PPC best practises, our PPC services may encourage internet visitors to do the necessary actions.

Detailed Reporting

We keep you informed of the status of your campaign and your online activity, says the devoted Google ads/pay-per-click marketing company in Noida. We even provide customised campaign reports that include information on your Google Analytics results, keyword rankings, and overall campaign performance. You have access to our client dashboard through our PPC agency, which enables you to keep an eye on your campaign in real-time.

Why Choose Us?

Why Digital Edge Best Google Ads/PPC Management Services Company in Noida as Compared to Others?

Google's Top Partner

As a proud member of the prestigious Google Premier Partners List, Digital Edge A team of qualified Google Ads PPC experts with extensive industry experience and expertise in digital marketing make up our organisation. Your business may grow by working with our PPC specialists and obtaining Google PPC campaigns that are focused on results.

PPC Company Focused on Customers

As we work harder to demonstrate them, our PPC ad services believe in owning our clients' voices. During our initial session, we even ascertain your marketing objectives and the effectiveness of your current campaigns before providing you with data-driven advice. We even set up monthly meetings with your project managers and keep our lines available so you can call us whenever you want to talk about your PPC campaign plan.

Numerous Location PPC

Does your company serve a wide range of customers and various locations? In order to maximise your ad budget and send personalised PPC adverts to the desired demographics, our PPC management business can create multi-location strategies. We even set up PPC campaigns, localising your callout extensions, site URLs, and ad copy for each ad group and area.

Our Experts Work Process for Google Ads/PPC Management

Keyword Exploration and Listing

Finding the correct keywords to target is crucial to the success of PPC campaigns. We establish the objectives of your PPC campaign, sift through the millions of Google search terms, and select the finest words and phrases that have the highest conversion rates.

Creation of Ad Text

For your PPC ad, we will write compelling headlines, click-worthy content, and unique copy. Our in-house, talented content writer creates engaging advertising that pushes visitors to take the CTA action.

Landing Page Improvement

We create landing pages that assist businesses in generating more leads and sales. Our team creates a landing page that appeals to your target market and is beautifully designed to persuade visitors to convert.

Outstanding Bid Management

Only keywords with a higher likelihood of giving you a fantastic ROI will receive bids from our Pay per Click specialists. We carefully watch the bids in an effort to lower the cost of the advertisements by choosing the most relevant and fiercely competitive keywords.

Track calls, sales, and conversions

In order to build advertisements that are more successful and produce better results for your company, we measure calls and conversions as effectively as we can. This makes it simpler to manage the sources, keyword performance, and campaign monitoring.

Monitoring and Reporting for PPC

Customers who use our Pay per Click management services frequently receive campaign data from us. We attentively tracked the ROI and adjusted the campaigns in accordance with the report's patterns.

About Digital Edge Google Ads/PPC Services Company in Noida

With our PPC services, we promise you will receive a complete return on your investment since we are supported by industry-leading digital tools and technologies that do the work for us. In addition, we guarantee you better brand reputation and traffic growth with our reliable PPC services in Noida.

  • With the help of our first-rate PPC services, our PPC specialists give you a lot of benefits over your rivals.
  • We analyse your business to design ad campaigns, and then, using the information we learn, we implement our unique PPC strategy, much like PPC strategies for B2B e-commerce businesses.
  • As a PPC services provider in Noida, we deliver results with our result-oriented strategies.

Our Clients

In the area of digital marketing, we have worked with clients from many different countries, including the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, etc.

What Our Clients Say

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below mentioned are the list of some questions that people may ask, before enrolling into Digital Marketing Course In Noida.

Pay per Click, or PPC, is a type of internet advertising where an advertiser gets compensated each time a user clicks on an ad's link. The greatest technique to rank a page in the top SERPs is through PPC. Google and other search engines employ the established set of pertinent data to conduct commercial searches, and the process is totally automated.

PPC is a digital marketing transmission method that uses search engine traffic and conversions to drive business. Typically, a publisher is compensated each time a user clicks on an advertisement relevant to their search queries. Pay per Click is a fantastic approach to use an advertising platform to grow your business.

You come across Pay per Click, also known as Cost per Click (CPC), every day as you browse the internet, but you never give it much thought. Some of the results that display at the top of the search results page may be advertisements. PPC advertisements can be seen here, in their native environment. The PPCs' goals differed depending on the company. While some businesses might seek to increase their traffic through advertisements, other firms only rely on advertisements.

When it comes to the existence of company online, PPC is quite important. PPC organises the usable data that provides details about a company. Additionally, when PPC advertising are modified, a specific demographic is targeted, increasing a company's efficacy. The advertising industry is very data-rich and offers detailed information on the users. PPC is necessary for internet businesses all around the world to attract more clients and increase sales.

Not every business is the same, and not every business needs the same user information for targeting. When it comes to PPC advertising strategy, when one business wants a particular set of PPC campaigns, the other one requests entirely other terms. Although PPC is the greatest strategy to increase traffic and sales conversion, each company needs a specific collection of datasets for PPC marketing.

Your PPC advertisements eventually stop being seen by the audience. Your advertising are not accessible to you or the audience for no specific reason. It might be anything, such as targeting low volume keywords or making a technological blunder. Google as a search engine is built to respond to it if search traffic builds at a decent speed in the search query.

The Google Advertising CPC is an auction system that determines where and how much you pay for your ads based on a wide range of factors. The following are some of the primary elements that might raise your CPC:

Competition: The higher the bids will be, the more participants there are in the auction.

Extended Text Advertisements: The majority of the ads that appear at the top of the page allow for longer descriptions, additional headlines, and other ad components, which raises CPC.

PPC ads are quite effective in increasing traffic, sales, and brand recognition. In the digital age, it doesn't matter if you run a tiny or large-scale company—you need to start your firm online. Additionally, using PPC as a marketing tactic will help you make your company more well-known.

When you place a bid for your brand name, the same thought crosses your mind. However, placing a bid on a brand name offers a number of benefits of its own:

Your homepage is the first page that comes up when someone hits on your brand name and your organic listing shows. However, the advertisement for your business brings visitors that is already close to converting to a specific page, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Title, description, and Meta tags are optimised for organic SERP listings in order to improve CTR and ranking. However, it may force you to choose between pursuing SEO strategies and CTR improvement.

PPC and SEO are examples of digital marketing strategies that may both increase exposure and increase revenue. To rank well on selected keywords and jointly develop brand awareness, we at Digital Edge, the top PPC services in Noida, combine a well-structured PPC campaign with optimised SEO methods.

When a customer clicks on an advertiser's ad on the Amazon website, the advertiser is charged a fee by

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