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  • 33+ Modules to Learn with Live Projects
  • 24*7 Online Support & with Backup Classes
  • Provide Interview Preparation for Placement
  • Online & Offline Classes with Doubt Sessions
  • Learn Digital Marketing with Paid Tools

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Digital Marketing Course in Delhi For Class 12th,Working Professionals and Entrepreneurs

At Digital Edge Institute, it can be hard to choose the right path after the 12th. So, we offer complete digital marketing classes in Delhi that cover everything from SEO and social media marketing to email marketing and web analytics. You'll learn a lot about digital marketing with the help of our expert advice and one-on-one attention We Also Offer Top Class Knowledge for Working Professionals and Entrepreneurs Who Want to Boost His Career. Join our Institute For Digital Marketing Course in Delhi today and take the first step towards a rewarding job in the digital marketing business. No matter if you are a working professional or a student, our courses are designed to give you the information and abilities you need to succeed in the area of digital marketing.

On the other hand, to start a job in digital marketing. First, we want the best digital marketing school in Delhi that can help us find a job and give us an internship. Don't Worry, Just Keep Looking!

Join Our Top Institute For Digital Marketing Training in Delhi

Looking for the best place to take a digital marketing school in Delhi? Digital Edge Institute is the only place you need to go. Our 3- and 6-month digital marketing classes cover everything from SEO to social media marketing, email marketing, and web analytics. We're proud to be one of the top 5 digital marketing schools in Delhi because we have experienced teachers and give each student a lot of attention. Our dedication to greatness and high-quality training has made us known as a reliable place to learn about digital marketing. Our lessons are made for both newbies and more experienced students, so you can be sure to get special attention and help at every step of the way. Join us now and take the first step towards a rewarding career in the rapidly evolving digital industry.

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100% Secure Placement Assistance with Digital Edge

Our programme to help students find jobs is meant to help them get ready for interviews and get in touch with possible companies. We work closely with the top companies in our field to give our students job chances with high pay. With our expert advice and help finding a job, You may be confident that you will have the abilities and resources necessary to excel in the digital marketing industry. Our high placement help score shows how much we care about giving our students a good education and real-world experience.

Programme Highlights

  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  • Website Planning, Designing & Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing (AdWords/SEM/PPC)
  • Display is Stronger Than Ever
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Online Lead Generation
  • E-commerce Promotions
  • Earn Money As Freelancer
  • Online Reputation Management
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Live Projects
  • Cyber Laws
  • Mobile Marketing.
  • E-Mail Marketing.
  • Doubt Session
  • Google AdWords Certification
  • AdWords Fundamentals
  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising
  • Bing AdWords Certification
  • Google Analytics Certification
  • Hubspot Inbound certification
  • Training Institute Certificate
  • All the trainers are experienced and google certified aiming to provide best training.
  • We have kept very limited number of students in every batch just because to ensure personal attention to each student.
  • We are giving free training for Google Certification.
Joins 2,500+ Students.

A training centre known as Digital Edge is renowned for placing students in a variety of companies. It offers a reputable placement and consulting section that provides students with valuable exposure to leading businesses. Students will get the opportunity to participate in real projects, and 100% of them end up in jobs. The certification offered by Digital Edge enables students from India and abroad to seize the greatest opportunities from reputable and multinational corporations. It provides students with value for their money and fosters the best possible professional development.

Why Choose Digital Edge in Delhi to Become an Expert in Digital Marketing Industry?

If you want to learn digital marketing in Delhi, Digital Edge Institute is the best place to go. Our teachers are experts in digital marketing who have worked in the field for many years. They bring their real-world experience and information into the classroom to help students learn more about digital marketing.

We are dedicated to giving our kids the best digital marketing education possible. We are the best choice for people who want to build a successful job in the digital marketing field because we have experienced teachers, chances to learn in the real world, reasonable fees, and various course lengths.

Write six reasons why you should take a Digital Marketing course at our school in Delhi. Mention Small Batch Size, 100% Job Assistance, Doubt Sessions, Live Projects, Google Certified Trainers, and Online and Offline Classes.

Small Batch Size

Our school makes sure that each class is small so that each student can get more personal care and learn better.

100% Job Assistance

We help all of our students find jobs by helping them make a good resume, preparing them for interviews, and putting them in touch with appropriate job possibilities.

Doubt Sessions

Our teachers hold regular "doubt sessions" where students can ask questions and get answers. This helps them understand the course material better.

Live Projects

We give kids hands-on training with real projects. This lets them see how things work in real life and improves their learning.

Google Certified Trainers

Our teachers are Google-certified, so students know they are getting the latest information and advice from experts in the field.

Online & Offline Classes

We have both online and in-person classes, so students can choose the one that works best for their schedules and learning styles.

Our Placement Partner

A Digital Marketing Manager may Assist Raise Revenue and Establish Brand Visibility in Any Sector. There is Over 40,000 Jobs Available in this Sector With Upto 5 LPA Placement Package.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faq's)

Below mentioned are the list of some questions that people may ask, before enrolling into Digital Marketing Course In Delhi.

Learning digital marketing can help you get skills that are in demand, improve your job prospects, and make your business more visible online.

Digital marketing can be learned by anyone, but it helps to have a basic knowledge of the internet and social media networks.

Depending on how intense and structured the programme is, a digital marketing study in Delhi can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

Search engine optimisation, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and analytics are some of the topics that are usually covered in a digital marketing school in Delhi.

Yes, there are several places that offer digital marketing classes online, so students can learn from anywhere and at their own pace.

Digital Marketing Course Certifications are not required, but they can help you show possible bosses and clients that you know what you are doing.

When you finish a digital marketing school in Delhi, you can get jobs as a digital marketing manager, social media specialist, content marketer, or SEO specialist, among other things.

Professionals in digital marketing in Delhi can make a range of salaries, based on their job, level of experience, and the company they work for. But the average pay is between 3 and 10 lakhs INR per year.

For a job in digital marketing, you need to be good at communicating, being creative, analysing data, thinking strategically, and being flexible.

Yes, taking a digital marketing course in Delhi can help you get a job in the digital marketing business, especially if the institute's hiring cell helps you find a job.

Yes, internet marketing does have some limits. For example, it depends a lot on technology, and problems with technology can make ads less successful. Also, there is a lot of competition in internet marketing, so businesses have to change all the time to stay ahead. Since algorithms are always changing, businesses need to stay up to date to make sure their efforts continue to work. Businesses also need to think about privacy problems related to the collection, keeping, and use of data, as well as their limited reach. But digital marketing is still a powerful way for companies to promote their goods and services, build brand recognition, and interact with customers.

Static websites areMostly made with HTML and CSS, and they are made so that all users see the same material and style. Most of the time, these sites are simple and clear, and they don't have any moving parts. Static websites are best for businesses or people who want an easy online presence that doesn't need to be changed often.

On the other hand, responsive websites are designed to accommodate the screen size of the device being used to view them. They use adjustable styles and fluid pictures to make sure that the website looks good on any computer, tablet, or phone. Responsive websites are made with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and they can have things like forms, animations, and engaging parts that change based on the user's actions.

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