Have You Also Been A Victim Of Content Scraping? Here Is What You Need To Do!

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If you are under impression that putting content on the internet will result in stealing your content then your approach is totally wrong. Because being on the internet does not mean that it is open to copy or to use or to make money and to generate web traffic.

After digitization, every other company has to be on the internet with their website to establish their brand well. And what they fill on the websites? Obviously, they are going to need content, photographs, and graphics to fill up space and establish their brand on the internet.

But the content scrapers do not realize while copying the content blatantly that it is a hard work of some other persons. With this fast pacing world, it is really difficult to keep a track of who is going to copy your content.

If you think that you haven’t faced this problem then it is only a matter of time because the internet is an open sky and no one can fathom from where someone has copied the content until and unless one keeps a constant track on their competitors and newcomers.

Even we have also been the victim of the content scraping and we do not encourage all these bad practices.

To copy anyone’s hard work is against the copyright issue and someone who does that is violating the laws and it is really important to report those bastards’ content scrapers who copy the hard work of others.

To deal with them can be very annoying as someone who sees copying their hard work just like that becomes furious. Instead, have patience.  Being furious won’t help you in any way, but taking some action against the scrapers will.

Action plans to carry out if someone copies your content:

Remember one thing one has the right to copy your content whether it is in a form of graphics, content, article, blog, pictures or any links. Stealing will remain a bad practice if it is used for business purposes.

  • The first step you need to take is to contact the webmaster of the guilty website who has blatantly copied the content.
  • You have to be very polite in the way. Politely tell them that what they have done is wrong and copied content has to be removed from their website in the limited period which you have given.
  • Now you will be thinking what if the webmaster does not reply? Nice question though, but you don’t have to do anything with his/her reply. Check that he/she has or hasn’t removed the content if it has then no issue but if they haven’t then you need to proceed further.
  • And if you do not get contact information from the webmaster then gather its information through WHOIS search.
  • Now if the webmaster hasn’t replied then collect the proof against him and you also have to prove that he or she has copied the content from your site. Take screenshots and prove yourself that your content has been for a longer time on the search engines.
  • After that take this matter to the top authorities.
  • Provide those proofs to the web host of the guilty websites and they will block the website until the matter is solved or you can also file a complaint on DMCA by filling a simple form.

As much we hate these bad practices, that ain’t gonna help, we have to stand up against these malicious practices to save our hard work. We have to be on our toes and have to keep our eyes open against these practices and report to back down these practices.