Copying another website’s content is considered as bad practice- shame National School Of Internet Marketing (NSIM)

National school of internet marketing (NSIM) has caught red handed while copying the content of Digital Edge institute’s website. Digital Edge Institute has a carved a niche in providing the best education and assistance in the digital marketing sector. But as someone grows people tend to copy their hard work instead of creating some unique thing of their own. We are very disappointed with NSIM institute and we haven’t thought that someone would go down to such lower standards that they will violate the copyrights laws and would not follow the rules.

NSIM institute has not left even a single thing and had copied the whole website including the reviews of our students and what not! They have stooped to such lower standards that they used our most experienced and best trainees name including Mr. Abhishek Lavaniya, Mr. Awadesh  Verma, Pankaj Dhingra and Sachin Chauhan.

I am just thinking what the institute will teach when its copying the logos, reviews and even the trainees of another institute then how they are gonna provide the best education when they are copying and not leading. Our institute can take it either in positive or negative way; on the other hand we are taking this as positively. We provide the best in this sector and hence everyone copies the one, who is best. We believe in leading the sector and we do not encourage these bad practices at all. But one is thing is clear from this- when someone is ready to copy every inch of our website then there is something in you.

Plus, internet is an open sky where it is very difficult to catch those people who try to copy the original content.

It takes a lot of hard work to establish oneself in the market with your logo and trainees. We have worked day and night to establish Digital Edge institute as a best institute in the digital marketing sector and when someone copies the hard work of others just like that it is painful. Anybody who visits our website will get to know that our students are very happy with the education we provide and infrastructure and the real time experience we provide helps most in the digital marketing.

I seriously don’t have any idea what quality of education they will provide if they are copying others and that’s why we sturdily believe in trailblazing and we will continue to provide the best education despite of these things.