Content Marketing Workshop & Training Program

Digital Edge Institute provided a successfully accomplishment of content marketing workshop with more than 20 students. Content marketing workshop was the initial and challenging step for the institute.

Objective of content marketing workshop

After attending the workshop, professionals got not only understand content marketing strategy and techniques, they also  learned the how to create and develop the successful content marketing plan and set goals, budget, resources and impact monitoring & analysis mechanism for the content marketing initiatives to achieved optimum results.

Workshop was based on two effective pillars

  1. Content strategy development

Without any kinds of strategy, content can’t give the longtime result, that’s why Digital Edge Institute has decided we will provide expand the different ways to plan content by asking right tactics and questions before you even get started the workshop.

  • Which kinds of content will suitable for the website?
  • Who are targeted audiences?
  • What blog will make engagement?
  • What are the major keywords for content?

Content creation

In the part of content creation, where students will be motivated and which types of content will beneficial for business. There were various types of content format was available there like as blog, webinar, info graphic content etc. but Digital Edge chose Blog creation content writing for better possibilities and which may work best for the students.

Short Summary of Workshop-:

Last weekend we conducted a content marketing workshop at Digital Edge. It was an amazing experience to students and trainers. The workshop had 21 attendees and many students had traveled from far off places to come to this workshop.

The content marketing training sessions were provided by multiple trainers. I kick started 1st-hour content marketing strategy and techniques. we worked about the essential part of content marketing, writing skills of content marketing and the how to promote article submission and blog on the website.

There was not enough time to cover all the concepts because we were limited to 3 hours. But in the future, we hope to conduct longer workshops with deep dive in every content marketing module.