How you can deal with the common questions related to digital marketing in an interview like a boss!

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I’m sure after reading our blog- Digital Marketing Jobs and Scope in India you were prompted to take digital marketing as a career which is appreciable. But have you ever wondered what will you do after mastering the digital marketing sector? You must have some idea before joining the course or you thought of joining your dream company or you must have joined with the intention to upgrade your knowledge in online marketing while doing traditional marketing. Everyone seems nervous before their interview and when it comes to digital marketing the competition engulfs aspirants which result in anxiety. Every reputed digital marketing company wants to hire a person who isn’t a master of it but also knows how to present their ideas and implement them and use them to gain profit. Companies are very excited to invest in the digital marketing as it has taken every sector by surprise with its ever providing benefits, cost-effective ways and more income from multiple resources.

With the advancement of digital marketing, various job opportunities have emerged. There is an urgent need of content marketing managers, SEO managers or executives, social media managers, graphic designers and much more. Hence we thought to ease up some of your anxiety and thought to provide the guide and some common questions which are asked in the interview. Ease up! And get ready to leave some tension here.

Here are some monotonous questions which have been frequently asked and how to answer them: –

1. One question you will definitely face in the interview which is a basic one- what is your understanding of digital marketing? And what influenced you to choose a career in this field?

Clearly, recruiters want to know if you know anything at all about digital marketing. I will suggest you, to be incredibly honest about your opinion and of course of your answer. Tell your recruiter that this field is full of new challenges and you really like to face challenges every day!

2. What do you know about digital marketing tools and what are the most efficient tools of digital marketing?

This one is really simple and direct; just use some of your training and learning sessions and your mind to present it to the recruiter just like you wrap a simple gift in an extraordinary gift paper (wink).

3. What are the limitations and challenges in the digital marketing sector? Do you believe it has some limitations?

Whoa! This one is a tricky question; you need to answer this with grace. Tell recruiters that everything has its limitations, plus points and minus points and digital marketing too has some limitations. Remember that traditional marketing was at success for centuries and it still is. Digital marketing was introduced when traditional marketing’s limitations were at the peak.

4. Why do you believe that digital marketing will be more beneficial for our business instead of traditional marketing?

Another tricky question to decipher how you will make strategies for the company. You need to talk about how our country is transforming and how digitization has taken the market by surprise plus quoting our respectful PM’s vision about Digital India will also do the thing!

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Now, the most important question; which will determine the 30% of the interview results. You have to convince the interviewers that you are committed to Digital marketing and you have long-term plans in this sector.

Voila! I hope this would help all those who are nervous for their interviews! All the best with your interviews! Rock and shock recruiters!