Google Testing new featured snippets Layouts

Google has been testing its new featured snippets on its web domain. These new featured snippets have multiple answers from different sites on the layout that displays in a card view.

A featured snippet on Google is a display of text that is displayed on the search result page with position 0. These new snippets are the answers to the search query of web users. When web users put some search queries, Google provides quick short answers with these snippets.

Google answers with featured snippets

Google has been testing the new snippets feature. When a user searches for something, the Google search page shows results in the form of cards. The search results appear with four or more small cards with quick answers to users’ queries. Similar to typical snippets.

These snippets offer more information on the query, but with small context. The snippets will show short paragraphs as a form of answers to the query searched.

Why is Google’s new featured snippet important?

These featured snippets are desired by many website owners and SEO to improve brand on web search.

Generally, when we used to search queries on the web search, Google used to show only one snippet or site in the search results. Only one website gets the chance at a time. If Google begins to show more than two snippets, it will be beneficial for website owners. Two or more snippet features will become more useful and effective for SEO and websites.

It will ultimately affect the click-through rates, if you know SEO and digital marketing, you will know why top 10 rankings are important. How a single featured snippet brings traffic. With more than two snippet options, websites will get more opportunities to enhance click-through rates and traffic. This ultimately increases the chances of conversions by google search.

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Google gives more information layout to snippets

Currently, Google snippets are available in a single card that provides brief information about search queries to web users. The new design has up to 4 snippets which means the web user will get four possible quick answers to their search query. The new snippet aims to give the best possible solutions to the web user to enhance user experience while the current snippet shows a paragraph to provide answers.

However, the new look is currently in the testing phase by Google and has not been activated for all users. Only a few people were able to see the new snippets, moreover, Google is planning to upgrade its services. We all know Google takes user experience as their utmost priority, it’s one of the SEO ranking factors. This snippet is the result of the same, to provide a better experience and the best results to users Google is testing the feature. Google has also rolled out a new look for the drive and docs in email invites and sharing.

This new feature is more informative and will become good for SEO and website owners by providing them with additional opportunities to increase CTR. However, we still have to wait for its final launch.