6 Things you can do enhance your Call-to-Action to that will turn on the customers!

You are currently viewing 6 Things you can do enhance your Call-to-Action to that will turn on the customers!

Okay, firstly let me ask you one question- what is the purpose of driving more and more traffic to your website? Let me make it easier for you! What is the use of the more and more traffic on your website and what would you do with this traffic? I think you know the answers very well then I do. The main purpose to drive the traffic is to Generate Leads, to make potential customers out of this generated traffic.  You can also read our blog- Reasons to Opt for Digital Marketing as startups – you can thank us later for more inspiration.

But what is the use of so much traffic if you are not able to compel your users to take any action? Would it be able to generate the profits for you? It’s clearly a NO!

So, what is it which is lacking in your website? Clearly, call to action links which have to be effective but are not effective that much. As without it, there is no benefit. The whole digital marketing is based upon the call-to-action link.

 If you are not getting desired results even after diverting the huge amount of traffic to your site then, clearly there is a problem with your call-to-action which you are probably neglecting from so many days! But now, it’s a high time you should take action and see what is lacking in it.

6 things to check in your Call-to-Action

  1. Create a sense of urgency with your call-to-action.

It’s a simple question, why would somebody need to have to click on that call-to-action link or button if there is no emergency? You have to create the need in user’s psychology that without clicking their work won’t be possible.

  1. Be Creative while giving out the Call-to-action links.

Remember that we are dealing with the smart audience; be creative and innovative enough to catch their attention.

  1. Provide benefit with your Call-to-action.

Think yourself as a user while creating a CTA as then you would be able to create a best one. Let me give you an example, if someone buys something online it’s not only because of the product but the genuine benefit it provided and also because of the catchy benefit which compelled them to take an action.

  1. Color and appearance of the button really matter!

In the survey, it was revealed that color and the location of the button placed also matters. Make sure the button really looks like a button and it does not confuse the audience whether the take any action or not. So choose a place where there is a lot of white available and with the catchy and soothe color.

  1. Try to provoke the audience to click on the CTA.

Bring curiosity through your CTA as it will generate a mass benefit. Try to think why should they click on it and why would they be prompted to take an action.

  1. Always provide a useful free stuff.

Who does not want to enjoy the free stuff? Even I do look for the free but useful stuff while shopping online or doing anything. It will surely get results.

Now, it’s YOUR time to take the action to improve your CTA! get to work guys.