5 Things To Watch For While Weaving A Successful Mobile Marketing Strategy!

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Before I start on the main topic I would like to ask one question. How many hours you usually spend on your phone? I usually spend more than 3 hours each day on my phone which means that I surf about everything through my phone and you would have been doing the same thing. When out of 10 people, 8 are spending more than 3 hours of a day on their Mobile phones then it surely has held something in.

We go anywhere we take our mobile phones with ourselves and we surf about anything and everything in our free time. Just travel in the metro for a day and you will almost every other person is glued to their phone, either watching the news, reading news, watching some interview given by politicians and many more things. Even at work, we can’t restrain ourselves from checking our mobile phones and that is the only reason for including mobile marketing in the marketing strategies.

If you haven’t included mobile marketing in your strategies then you are losing a whole lot of customers and it’s a high time that you start including it in your strategies which will yield a lot of customers at the end of the day.

But if you have already included it as one of your marketing strategies you would be wondering what are the various things you should include and will ensure the success of the Mobile marketing which has been a mystery till now. There are no shortcuts for the success but yes there are tips and some essentials you can include to make the mobile marketing more effective.

5 things to include while weaving up the Mobile Strategy

1. You need to make Mobile Friendly websites.

Yes, the first and foremost thing you should pay attention to is the user’s comfort and experience. Make your Websites mobile friendly so that users do not get annoyed by zooming in and zooming out to read the content and at the end, they will drop out from your website. Make sure that you provide the user the same experience they get while accessing your website on Computer and or on Laptop.

2. Pay attention to the thumb rule!

The main thing and the end goal is to generate leads from it so the thumb rule says that make your call to action buttons thumb or finger friendly which means create the buttons according to the average size of a thumb and finger which will make easier for the user to click.

3. Build apps related to your niche.

There are a whole lot more apps available on the play store for everything. Even banks have their personalized Apps which allow users to do the various things giving them the rich experience. Similarly, create a user-friendly app which will provide user they quality and in turn increasing the engagement between you and the user.

4. Watch out the compatibility of your website with the various platforms.

Mobile meriting cannot be done by just providing the user the user-friendly website the work has just started from there. You also need to check the compatibility of your website with the various platforms such as on Windows, Mac, Android, Blackberry etc. to make sure that you are not leaving behind a single customer.

5. Interlink your mobile marketing with that of social media.

Out of 20 people, 15 spend time on their social media accounts. Fetch customers from there. Establish yourself in on the social media platforms and in turn it will increase the two communications between the customer and you.

These 5 things will help you to place the cherry on the top of the cake and you will be able to hold a successful mobile marketing campaign.