Know This- Google Understands Everything About You!

Are you shocked to know the fact that Google knows everything and anything about you? Scared huh? Wondering how to escape through Google’s eyes? I know this can be very creepy because Google tracks down your every activity and sells it to the advertisers. Do give some attention to your ads once. You will find out a pattern in them. Everything you have clicked and liked and, watched; the videos have been recorded by the Google and have been sold out to the advertisers which in turn you see in some ad suggestions and video suggestions.

The scenario is pretty much clear in the tech world. If we want to search anything we refer to Google and we Indians have a different approach to the Google browser, as for us it is not only a simple browser but it is “Google Baba”. And I think we are not wrong at this approach at least. Because the term “Baba” refers to someone who has the knowledge of pretty much everything and hence we have named Google as “Google Baba” because in reality Google knows about everything and I bet it knows about you much better than you know about yourself!

If users want to know about the latest program which is AMP which Google has created they can get to know about the features in layman’s language through our previous blog- what is AMP (Accelerated mobile pages) in Layman’s Language.

Now I am going to tell you 5 things which Google know about you and you can deal with it?

1. Google knows where you were and what is your current location.

Of course, this information is gathered through the Google’s maps and its GPS system. And it can also be possible that the Google street view cars have taken a snapshot your house too! Don’t feel scared this is done to improve the street view in Google maps.

2. Google knows what you like and what you dislike!

YES, MY DEAR! This is true. It accesses the information through your searches and what you like and dislikes from your clicks and how much time you have spent on a particular site.

3. It has all the recordings and a search history.

That goes without saying that Google maintains a history page for all the searches you have done. You will get all the information about what you have searched about till now and whatever you have talked it all has been recorded.

4. How much photos you have and how many videos and what kind of videos you have watched!

Yes, Google counts how many pictures you have and what all things you have watched if you search while signing in through your id then Google saves pretty much everything about you.

5. Google even has a rough idea about your age and also knows about the things which create your identity as an individual.

By tracking down your every activity Google makes a rough idea about your age so that it can be used while deducing what kind of things you like and what all are the things you like which make you an “individual” in Google’s eyes because every person is important to them and can be a potential customer.

I know these things will scare you! But don’t worry guys you can delete all these by going on a simple link which is We have become so dependent on “Google Baba” that we forgot to secure our personal and important information. Though this information is used by your permission and we give permissions unknowingly. But we can also secure it. So, do make sure to delete all history from Google.