Do You Know What Kind of Questions Will Be Asked In Google Analytics Interview?

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Do You Know What Kind of Questions Will Be Asked In Google Analytics Interview?

It is better to prepare yourself for the interview than to regret it later that you might have missed the wonderful opportunity just because you were unprepared for the fired questions. It is very common to get flustered and nervous. But hey that isn’t it? The interview is known to cause anxiety and nervousness.

But dear you can positively escape from that known-to-every-person anxiety if you just go through some frequently asked questions with their answers and prepare yourself for ‘the task’. You must get some idea about the questions so that you can answer them correctly with confidence so that you can be selected and who does not want to get selected right?

So, I have compiled some frequently asked questions for your benefit only go through them and rock. And if you are thinking what questions will be asked in PPC interview then read most frequently asked questions in a PPC interview with their answers.

10 questions with their answers which can be asked in the Google Analytics interview!

1. What do you mean by Google Analytics?

This is the foremost and the basic question. Your knowledge and classes will help you to answer this better. Google analytics is a free website analysis platform which was an initiative by Google through which people can track their websites activities and can make the strategies for future by analyzing the website performance through stats.

2. Do you have any idea what is KPI in Analytics?

KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is a source of metrics through which marketers can analyze their websites based on the aim of their businesses. After you answer this one the interviewer can also cross question by asking you to give examples of KPI, which are as follows:

  • Average time.
  • Bounce rate.
  • Exit rate.
  • Conversion rate.
  • Sessions and etc.
  1. I want to track my Google AdSense campaign; can I do it by using Google Analytics?

Yes, of course, you can do it through the Google Analytics pages reports which will provide the minute details of your Google AdSense Campaign.

4. Tell me how many types of custom reports are present in Google Analytics.

So this is so simple because there are only three types of custom reports in Google Analytics which are Flat Table, Map overlay, and explorer.

5. If I want to know the Keywords which are driving paid traffic to my website, how can I know them?

It’s simple as that. You can say you just have to go to the keyword Column in Google Analytics and there you can easily see the paid and organic traffic.

6. How can I know where are my visitors are clicking most on my website?

In-page Analytics gives the information about this so say you can go the In-page Analytics to know where are your visitors are clicking the most!

7. Tell me about the key elements of event tracking.

The three elements of event tracking are:Labels, Categories, Actions.

8. Do you know the difference between clicks and visits?

This is a general, confusing but tricky question. Most of the people stuck at this one. But this is also simple. Say that clicks are those which are actions performed by the users whereas visits can be understood as the number of the people which just comes to your website and take information and do not take any action.

9. How can I identify the most famous pages?

To find out this go to the behaviors section of Google analytics and you will get the top 10 trending pages of your websites.

10. Tell me the top channels which I can use to track my traffic sources.

The top channels are:

  • Paid search.
  • Organic search.
  • Social and others.

Grab the power of ten and rock and roll in your interview.