7 SEO Latest Updates By Google For Digital Marketing And Its Analysis

You are currently viewing 7 SEO Latest Updates By Google For Digital Marketing And Its Analysis

Google is one of the biggest search engines in the world which has recently rolled out its biggest update to weed out the sites which are not genuine. The primary need to roll out this update is to increase the user experience. This newly released update by Google is known as “Broad Core Algorithm Update”. The update took 1-2 weeks to finally stabilize and many digital marketers were seen tensed when it came out.

Although, there are many things which are in favor of the marketers who have genuine sites! The update is not totally against selling products, but Google is giving priority to those, whose primary focus is to provide the genuine knowledge and not selling. If we see the updates from the roots, then we can say that there are many things which are in benefit of the Digital Marketers and if you have those 6 skills an SEO Professionalist should possess then you can take the goal to your post very easily.

So let us discuss the “Broad Core Algorithm update” by Google which has widely affected the SEO and rankings globally.  We will here, tell the latest seven updates in the field of SEO so that you can work easily!

7 SEO Latest Updates by Google

1. Keyword Placement

Many of you must have noticed the shift in your website rankings, and you must stay updated with the latest techniques and updates so that you can plan your strategies accordingly. So, the first update which Google introduced is the keyword placement. Now there is a 2% increase of the value of a keyword if it is used in the H1tag and if you use a keyword in your title tag you will 9% reduction in the value of the keyword in the eyes of the search engine.

2. Mobile First Indexing

Google as well has seen a shift in the technology and it also wants to stay updated. As in a survey, it was revealed that by 2022, in India only, there will be more than 20 million mobile users. So it is the high time that you also make your websites mobile-friendly. That is because, with the Mobile first indexing, the search engine will give preference to those sites which are mobile friendly to focus on enriching user experience.

3. Visual Sitelinks images

The new and beneficial feature! Before this, the images only appeared on the ads which are placed, but with the new update, the images can be placed in the sitelinks as well which will be known as “Visual Sitelinks”, but there is also a twist here, this is feature is only for the mobile phones and will only work on them in the swipeable carousel manner hence promoting mobile-friendly website.

4. Edit your replies to the reviews

With the new version, Google My Business now allows you to edit your response to the review through Knowledge panel. Earlier this task was full of hassles and if you want to edit your replies you have to choose the default responses, but now this has become hassle-free.

5. Increase in Sitemap File Size.

This new characteristic will benefit the website owner’s who have long URL ’s as earlier the sitemap file size was just 10 MB but now it has been increased by 400% and it is now 50MB.

6. Image ads through which you can shop directly

Now you can create the shoppable image ads through which by a single click user can purchase the item which you are showing. This particular feature has benefited the fashion industry to a large extent. Because many users search for the exact dress or style which they have seen in the image and if you provide the exact same design at the sale, the user will immediately get it. Hence it is also for enriching the user experience.

7. Target your audience at the early stage of your campaign by using “audience targeting”.

Yes, you heard that right! You can now target the audience and can select the audience group for your ads at an early stage of the campaign. Through this, you will get the quality audience on the website.

As an SEO executive or a Digital Marketer, you should be aware of the recent updates so that you can optimize your rankings and tactics easily and in less time which will have long-lasting effects. So, we hope that you will now put your focus on these 7 updates and will work accordingly.