ON-Page SEO Strategy, Tools & Techniques 2023- [Updated]

You should always make sure that your SEO techniques are in accordance with the most recent best SEO practices because online competition is only increasing. With the development of digital marketing, new and improved approaches have emerged.

While well-implemented SEO tactics and practical measures are not rocket science, you must stay up to date on best practices in SEO to differentiate yourself from the competition and rank better in Google.

Even SEO pros constantly invest a decent amount of time in researching new SEO strategies to raise their search engine ranking. Since it seems that the SEO market is always changing, staying up to date and making sure you adhere to the most recent SEO best practices will help you outperform your rivals if you want to Learn a Complete Digital Marketing Course You Should Join our Digital Edge Institute where you can Learn Entire Seo in detail from an Experts.

Let’s take a look at the essential search engine optimization strategies that you have to be employing right now in order to assist you to stay current and practice proper SEO.

What is On-page SEO?

On-page SEO, also known as on-site SEO, is the process of improving different front-end and back-end elements of your website in order to improve its position in search results and attract more visitors. Content elements, site architectural elements, and HTML elements are all included in on-page SEO.

Why ON-Page SEO is important?

Because it informs Google about your website and how you add value for users and customers, on-page SEO is crucial. It aids in the optimization of your website for both human users and search engine robots.

In order to rank and draw in new visitors, you must optimize your website for Google and other search engines in addition to designing and publishing it.

Because the adjustments and modifications you make to optimize your website may be viewed by visitors on your page, on-page SEO is referred to as being “on-page.”

On-page SEO is all up to you, thus it’s essential that you execute it properly.


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Some SEO Tools to Boost your Website Rankings in 2023


Ahrefs SEO Tool is a robust and comprehensive suite of tools designed to help businesses improve their search engine rankings and boost traffic to their websites. This tool has a broad range of functions and skills, such as competition monitoring, website analysis, and keyword research. Ahrefs, a renowned supplier of SEO tools and services, developed it.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free SEO service Tool that it offers to companies to help them improve their search engine rankings and drive more traffic to their websites. This application offers a wide variety of features and capabilities, including Index coverage, Performance, Links, etc.


With the aid of the strong and complete SEO tool SEMRush, companies may raise their search engine ranks and increase traffic to their websites. This tool includes a wide range of features and capabilities, including keyword research, domain analysis, competition analysis, and backlink analysis. It was created by SEMRush, a top provider of SEO tools and services.

Ninja SEO

Numerous features and functions are available with the Ninja SEO tool, such as competition monitoring, website analysis, and keyword research. Additionally, it offers thorough information and insights into how well a website performs in search results, assisting businesses in pinpointing areas for development and monitoring the outcomes of their SEO campaigns.

Bing Webmaster

A free SEO tool from Bing called Bing Webmaster aids companies in raising their search engine ranks and increasing website traffic. This tool offers a vast array of features and functionalities, such as Index coverage, traffic, and keyword, among others.


Hubspot is a strong and complete SEO tool that assists companies in raising their search engine ranks and increasing traffic to their websites. This tool, which was created by Hubspot, a top supplier of marketing and sales software, includes a broad variety of distinctive features and functionalities, including a keyword suggestion tool, an SEO writing assistance, an on-page SEO checker, etc.

On-Page SEO Strategies to Rank on the top in 2023

Website Optimization Regularly

For users of mobile phones, Google Discover is a feed that shows up on the search engine’s home page. It improvises user search behaviors to comprehend their preferences and areas of interest. Based on their choices and interests, it shows users the best possible search results.

It will continue to be a crucial SEO tactic in 2023. By making your website Google Discover-friendly, you may connect with millions of prospective customers and significantly boost website traffic.

Featured Snippets

As part of your marketing plan for 2023, you should work to raise your highlighted snippet search engine rankings as they frequently show up at the top of search query results pages as seen above. Google snippets provide a better resolution to the user’s query. The highlighted snippets get more attention and clicks from individuals, which helps organic searches. Featured snippets might attract plenty of visitors to your website.

Core Web Vitals

The key web essentials keep your website’s user experience at a high level. One of the fundamental SEO techniques to concentrate on in 2023 is this. According to rumors, Google will roll out an algorithm to maintain the caliber of the user experience in March 2023.

Largest Contentful Paint

It measures how quickly a website page loads. It indicates how long it takes for a website’s content to load. Google views page speed as a crucial component of the user experience.

Your website’s loading speed is affected by the large and complex graphics, illustrations, and themes that you utilize. Your website design must have lighter components. Before employing photos on your website, you may compress them using makeshift image compression tools.

First Input Delay

The initial input delay is the amount of time it takes for the user to see the input-receiving parts of your website, such as a scroll or a lead form.

User experience is ruined by the inconvenience visitors encounter while waiting for input-receiving parts of a website to load. Consider responsive themes with simpler theme components, or enlist the help of a qualified web developer to help you with this problem.

BERT Algorithm

Google’s new BERT algorithm will affect about 10% of search searches. It implies that you should pay attention to SEO tactics and begin making improvements right away. By making these adjustments, the blog post or article will appear at the top of search results. BERT focuses on the user intent before locating the pertinent sites, demonstrating the capability of artificial intelligence.