The Difference between External and Internal Links in SEO

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Understanding the difference between external and internal link is strategically a part of your overall digital marketing plan. Each link has its own value and a strategic plan to boost your search engine results page.  To know the great in-depth detail on their difference, first, we need to know what exactly does both the terms signify.

External Links: or internal links: External links points from one domain to the other domain. There may be links attached to your website that may redirect you to other links to provide additional information to your readers and customers. Links from other sites to yours can be termed as external links. Where bas internal links point to a specific website or domain. Links from your site to contact page are examples of internal links.  There are lots of digital marketing institute in Noida where you can learn best SEO strategies and techniques. If you want to make your own site and want to provide best ranking in any search engine so join digital marketing and SEO course for better demonstration and become an entrepreneur at just a few months.


Both external and internal links have the place in SEO plans. They can be used strategically together like:

(a) External links can build visibility- External links from other websites to your content is a great source of free traffic as well as Google’s search engine algorithms to generate leads. To encourage links to your website you need to add rich and unique content on your website.

(b) External links may help readers more than you: Links those points out to the website of others brings out a plus point to your readers. But gets little value in terms of SEO. But keep in mind that these Search engine tactics may prove dangerous if your page is optimized and the links get attached to your own site.

(c) Internal links can build up your SEO- Internal links configure several SEO benefits. When search engine spiders crawler your website, they may follow links to various several additional pages. They follow the links so that they may find relevant information on these pages. Internal links can form the structure of the website. A logically linking structure is both appealing to the customers visually as well as logically.

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(d) Find and fix broken links: One thing that will distract your SEO is your broken link. These are links that no longer work. They may no longer work because the target website external link is offline. It’s a good idea to find and fix your link to improve your website. With the help of broken link checker tool, you can easily check and fix the link.

(e) Links are the only start: SEO experts predict that there are over 100 to 200 elements that Google and other search engines refer. Internal and external links are small but an important part of this work to boost up your website.

So these were some of the points of differentiation between both the links. This description gives you all relevant information about how to boost up your website and driving traffic towards it. Both links may seem smaller but the amount of work it does is bigger.