How to create simple Banner Ads that get serious results

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Digital banner advertising is the best way of fetching leads to your website. It’s the most effective way of driving traffic. This is one such way which requires easy hefty returns on market investments. When you design a banner ad then you have to face inherent challenges and problems. People of now are so busy with their hectic schedule that they rarely have time to click on ads. They find is wastage of time and boring to click on those long-long ads. In fact people search for tools that are easily visible there to vanish away those ads if they are not creatively designed to please the eyes of the audience and to hit their interest. Banner ads are the traditional move, but it doesn’t seem that people are more interested in it. The factor responsible behind it is the cynical and finicky digital marketing arena that has made it so. There are lots of digital marketing training institute in Noida where you can get best class of education about the digital marketing and social media strategies and techniques.

Banner sizes:

If you are planning to make banner ads for best results then you need to follow the below mention banner ads size guide chart:

Leader board 728×90
Half-page 300×600
Large rectangle 336×280
Medium rectangle 300×250
Large mobile banner 320×100

While the size chart is not enough, there are many but these are the important ones to mention. Some ads will require more horizontal space and some will require vertical ones. So it depends upon the size of the banner.

With good banner ads you will learn how to shoot one to the right audience and with a right message. Following is the list of banner ads that will help you in making effective ads to gain more audience support:

  • Show a happy people face, in zoom in– In most banner ads you want to make it more appealing to the viewers with the help of happy faces so that it refreshes the mood of the viewer when he/she sees it. Photos have much more impact than the other ones.
  • Animation: The best way to produce an effective and good banner ad is by adding some kind of animation into it which will entrance its overall effectiveness. Animation should be smooth, eye catchy and purposeful.

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  • Color palette: Usage of important colors and eye catching is the need of the hour. It is believed that people get more attracted towards bold colors. It has a huge impact on the type of feeling the viewer has which pulls him towards the ads. How to make banner ads more interesting is totally up to your own creativity.
  • Create urgency: Give your audience a reason why he/she will want to engage with your ads. What makes them click on your ads? Lure them with any exciting offers or maybe job opportunities which will reflect in highest clicking rate. Add buttons like ‘Hurry’, ‘call now’, ‘today only’.
  • Call to action: What is the motive behind your banner ad? Be direct and clear with your message. Be simple and crisp. Do not beat around the bush.

These are some of the points that describe better the importance of banner ads and what makes them interesting. Maybe you will find this guide interesting and useful developing your ad effectively and more far reaching.