Boost Your Affiliate Business through Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

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Affiliate marketing has become one of the main and fastest growing platforms for online marketing where any website can promote any type of products and services from another shopping website. In the previous blog, readers can also read Boost Your Affiliate Sales With These 5 Tips! And Top 7 Affiliate Marketing Tools and Plugins In 2017. In India scenario, there are lots of websites are open to affiliate links and covers all the categories and sections in affiliate marketing. In these categories, the publisher can publish the deals and offers from banking websites, grocery websites, shopping websites, Gaming websites, clothing, home appliances, furniture and much more categories

can cover. In Affiliate marketing works on three main pillars which are the publisher, advertiser, and consumer.  In Advertiser provides the advertisement to the publisher and publishers post the deals and offers then consumer consume that deals but sometimes, the publisher doesn’t aware about the campaigns that are why today, we are offering top 5 most revenue generated campaigns which can provide the best class ranking of your business. Just follow mention steps.

  • CPS (Cost Per Sale)

Cost per sale is one of the effective and initial sale campaigns where publisher’s sale advertiser products and services via banner ads. CPS committed higher revenues each and every times and the user can get best rated, reviews and discounted products and services through CPS campaigns.

  • CPC (Cost Per Click)

Cost per click is one of the best revenue generated based campaigns where publisher fix the ads of advertiser through the form of products and services but CPC campaigns get only higher traffic. In this campaigns don’t need to sale rather than only generates clicks.

  • CPL (Cost Per Lead)

Cost per lead is one of the best class campaigns and offer the amazing online platform where publishers got rewards when customers fill the sign-up or register. The primary object of the customer where website collects the personal details of the customer such as contact details, email id, phone number, name and etc.

  • CPV (Cost Per Visit)

Cost per visit campaigns is very effective and largest revenue generated campaigns where publishers can promote products and services only for visits and when users visit any products and services then publishers got the commission as per visit. It is very similar to CPC campaigns but it is also an advanced level campaign.

  • CPA (Cost Per Action)

Cost per action is also known as Cost per acquisition or Pay per acquisition. It offers an online advertising pricing model where advertiser offers the specific payout to the publishers.To get CPA campaign, the user needs to high-level traffic on their website.