Superlative SEO Guide to Make a Mobile Friendly Website

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In times where the use of devices is at its peak, every person is busy in using the internet through those devices. The reasons for the usage of the internet are different but the way in which population is engaged in using the internet is the same. Most of the people prefer mobile phones to use the internet and it also helps them in staying updated about the latest information and news that is being distributed in the market.

The reason behind the increased usage of the mobile phones is different. Some use them as they are very easy to use whereas, some use them due to their mobility factor. In today’s time, mobile phones have completely changed the way we utilize the web and subsequently, it has changed the process of the SEO.

What is meant by Optimization for Mobile?

Mobil SEO is somewhat similar to the normal SEO that is done to make the site Crawlable and findable on the search engines. It ensures proper execution, accurate content and proper UX in the website. To make this process of optimization helpful for your own good, you have to know how your site is performing in the present situation and what is the taste of the visitors of your site? To know more about the process, you can improve your mobile marketing Strategies in 2018 with these 6 steps.

Comparison of the design

Responsive Design – It is something that is preferred more by the Google. In this, there generally is only one code base to ensure easy maintenance of the website. It is the easiest and most used way for developing the mobile-oriented website and it also profits the user by making the site eligible for the new mobile-first index by using the Meta name=”viewport”.

Dynamic Serving – This process helps the owner of the website in serving a different version of the site to the mobile users. The URL stays the same in this version but the files that are included in the website are completely different. To make this process successful you have to add a very header to get Google to crawl your website. Vary: User-Agent

Separate Domain – The third option that can be used by the people is the method of a separate domain. Google supports this method but for this to happen completely, it is required that you make correct connections in between your regular desktop domain and the mobile domain. rel:”alternate” and rel:”canonical”

Rules for the better user experience for Mobile Users

  • You should ever forget the demands of the customer and should always make your mobile site useful and enjoyable for them.
  • The font size and typography should be at its best.
  • It is important that you should maintain enough room between the clickable elements.
  • The user who is visiting your website should be able to see the content and the material easily. They should not be forced to zoom in the website.
  • The buttons on the website should be big enough to be clicked easily.

So if you are looking for some tips to create a successful and working strategy for the mobile optimization of a website then, go through these points carefully and implement them successfully.