Google RankBrain – A Step towards Advance SEO

We have always known that the search engines keep on updating their policies and algorithms on a regular basis. The latest update in the algorithm which was called as Rank Brain completely changed the way of searching and the process of analyzing the search results. It was initially introduced in 2015 and the best thing about this update, Rank Brain uses artificial intelligence to embed large amounts of written language into mathematical entities called vectors that help the system understand.

Before the introduction of Google’s RankBrain Update, Google used the basic algorithm for all the search queries and used to display the results accordingly. But with the introduction of RankBrain which works on the concepts of machine learning and artificial intelligence to show the results for any search query, Google has advanced a step ahead to sort, process and understand the search queries in a better way. RankBrain keeps on tweaking the algorithm which means depending upon the search query RankBrain will work in the background and will increase or decrease the necessity of Backlinks, content quality or freshness, how big or small the content is, etc.

RankBrain works on the basis of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we shall talk about these two topics before moving on to the effects of RankBrain on SEO.

Machine Learning – It is a concept where the machine learns by itself and it does not need a human to tell what it should do.

Artificial Intelligence – The smartness which helps the system in adapting things from a human or itself.

Effects of RankBrain on SEO

We all are aware of the SEO and we know that users are involved in using complex keywords and phrases in the search boxes which makes it difficult for Google to rank these keywords and show the results. But with the introduction of RankBrain, users can search for anything and everything in the way they want. This update has also proven helpful in knowing about the Productive way for Social Media Challenges While Starting Online Marketing.

Here are listed some more effects that Rank Brain provides in Search Engine Optimization

  • Before the concept of RankBrain was introduced, website optimization in Digital Marketing was performed by analyzing some traditional signals such as links, matched keywords, and so on. As this concept was introduced, SEO changed entirely and the search results were based more on the interests and requirements of the users.
  • With traditional SEO methods, it is very easy to build a reputation which was trusted by users as well as the search engines. With the introduction of RankBrain, a user can get whatever he wants through the environment created. Now, a user can also define which signal suits them and how to build a good reputation in the market.
  • RankBrain has helped in encouraging total keywords and changed the concept of placing the keywords in SEO. In today’s time, a user can use multiple keywords in the content and pull them all in one single page. This update focuses on the concept of total keywords and provides the result by understanding the search query of the user.

Now, it is very important for every SEO expert to be more clear and precise in defining the campaigns as per to get perfect ROI. The RankBrain Update has directly affected the search results and the page ranking which makes it very necessary for the marketers to make proper use of content, signals, and SEO.

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