Title Tags – A Covert for Gathering Traffic

We often see websites while surfing through the internet and there are several reasons which encourage us to visit that website. Title Tags is one of those reasons and they specifically are used while specifying the title of the webpage. Title Tag basically refers to an HTML element which is displayed on SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages on a particular search engine. They are the clickable headlines on a given result and they play a key role in Search Engine Optimization and Social Sharing.

It is important for a person to use humble Title tags while preparing a website as it enhances the Click-Through Rate or CTR of a particular website. They still play a vital role in SEO and with some amount of modification in the title tag measurable increase in the traffic of a website can be witnessed. Not only the blog or article writing, but these Title tags also play an important role in the entire digital marketing industry.

Since we know that the headlines are used at every point while performing Digital Marketing, it is important to know how the title tag writing can be enhanced and what all amendments can be made in order to determine the relevancy of a webpage. Title tags are mainly found in the head section of the HTML code of a particular webpage and they play a key role in reflecting what information will be shared with the users when they click on the page.

Title tags are considered as the second most important factor for SEO after Content and they have a key significance in the amplification of your site’s performance. In case, you are wondering how content is considered the most significant factor for increasing your site’s performance then, you may read Google RankBrain – A Step towards Advance SEO.

Hacks for Creating Title Tags and Increasing Website Traffic

Numeric Feeds – It is considered a good gesture if you add numbers on your page title and it can lead to an increase in traffic.

Time Period – It is observed that some people while searching on a search engine use dates to filter the search results and so adding a time period to the title tags can prove to be very helpful.

Length – It is important to use an appropriate length while creating Title tags. The appropriate length is considered to be 50 to 60 characters.

Equivalent Words – It is witnessed that most of the users search keywords by reforming them with certain synonyms and so it is advised to use related words of the top related keyword search.

Call to Action – Sometimes, it might happen that the results shown may not be regarding the keyword searched and so using attractive words in nonrelated results might also do the trick.

Top Ranking Keywords – You must use the Search Console to find out the keywords for your topic. Make sure that you use those keywords which are being searched by most of the people.

Questions are Valuable – It is advised to use title tags with questions and it will surely boost the traffic and ranking.