How to Recover Sites Affected by Google Algorithm Update?

Google shares a history of snubbing the names given by the SEO for their algorithm updates. The Broad Core Algorithm Update update was announced in March 2019. This update affected the rankings of a lot of sites and it has also created a problem for the newcomers in providing rankings to their websites.

There are several reasons that might affect the website and make it lose traffic. The most common reason that leads to the problem is the SEO strategies used by website rank in SERPs or Google finding a better site that provides superior quality content as a replacement.

The plunge you are experiencing can be reversed by implementing a well-thought-out SEO strategy with a focus on the website’s EAT Quality. If you are one of the websites that were affected by the Florida 2 update, here are some points to recover them back on the SERPs.

Tips to improve your website’s EAT ratings

Adding Author Byline to All Blog Posts

Google demands the authenticity of the person who is providing information to the users through their blog. The content shared should be clear and if the site falls under the YMYL category, which includes websites in the healthcare, wellness, and finance sectors then, it is mandatory to share the name of the author.

Removal of Scrapped or Duplicate Content

The E-A-T score of a website is calculated by analyzing individual posts and pages. If the material you share is scrapped or duplicated then there are chances that you may get hit by an algorithm update.

Investing in Personal Branding

You need to make sure that your website has an ‘About Us’ page and you must provide valuable inputs to Google in the form of a Schema Markup. Along with that, positive testimonials and customer reviews, within the site and outside, can help you a lot in boosting the trustworthiness of your website.

Focus on Quality Back-links than Quantity

It is suggested in Google guidelines that websites with high-quality backlinks have a superior EAT score. If you Invest time in building low-quality links through PBNs and blog commenting, you may invite Google’s wrath and affect your website’s E A T rating.

Securing Website with HTTPS

The security of the users is the priority for Google and that’s the reason that it pushes websites to get SSL certificated. HTTPS is one of the ranking factors and it also enhances the EAT ratings of the websites.

So these are some of the tips that would help you recover your websites and help you in making your website effective according to the Google Algorithm Update. These tips must be followed in a proper manner and they would provide you with the outcomes you require.

The Google Florida 2 Update focuses on the strategies involved in Search Engine Optimization or SEO but there are several other updates that you need to know and must be aware of. One of them is the RankBrain Update and to know about this update, you must study Google RankBrain – A Step Towards Advance SEO.