Most frequently asked questions in a PPC interview with their answers!

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Anxious for your first interview? Don’t worry you are not the only one who seems nervous before their interview. Everyone prepares for their first interview. Even if you have the knowledge you get stuck when someone suddenly fires a question at you and you wouldn’t  be able to answer it even if you know the answer!

Hence practice is important. You have to get familiar with the questions which are asked in the PPC interview so that you can give the answers in the most appropriate manner and hence can impress the interviewers. People generally get stuck in the digital marketing questions. Sometimes it so happens that they do know the answer but the interviewer asks the question in a twisted manner and they are not able to discern what to answer. To solve this scenario you can read our previous blog- How you can deal with the common questions related to digital marketing in an interview like a boss, to get some idea what type of questions would be asked in a digital marketing interview.

Here are 30 frequently asked questions in the PPC interview:

1. What do you think Google Adwords or PPC is?

The most direct and basic question. You have to tell the recruiter what you know about PPC and Google Adwords. Keep it short, straight and to the point like PPC is an internet advertising model which was launched by Google basically launched to divert the traffic to the websites and when someone clicks on the ads the advertisers pay to the publishers.

2. Why do you think we should hold PPC campaigns? What benefit would it provide our company?

Always remember that if you are getting hired you should provide the benefit to the company. You have to convince the recruiter that PPC will benefit their marketing strategy and you can quote some live example as well.

3. How does Google Adwords work?

It works on a bidding system. The more you bid on a particular ad the higher your ad will appear in the Google searches. It also works on PPC which is pay per click which means you will pay the bid amount if someone clicks on your ad which was diverted.

4. Tell us why should we adopt PPC marketing strategy among everything else?

The traffic generated by PPC is different from any other technique in SEO as the traffic generated through SEO is technically for informative not action oriented but the traffic generated through PPC are aware of and are ready to take action which means potential customers.

5. What do you mean by Ad rank?

It tells the position of your ad on the Google page and it is highly dependent on the bidding for the keywords.

6. Do you know how does ad rank impact PPC?

In the present scenario we must know what our opponent are doing and hence ad rank determines the cost of PPC which our opponent pays when someone else clicks on their ads. It will help to make the strategies so as how much you should bid for a particular ad.

7. Can you mention some of the Google AdWords ad extensions?

These are used to increase the traffic to the website.

Some of them are:

  • Social Annotations
  • Location Extensions
  • Seller ratings
  • Mobile app extensions
  • Call Extensions
  • Offer Ads
  • Sitelinks
  • Communication Ad
  • Review extension
  • Image and drop down navigation Ad extension

8. Tell us how we can improve conversion rates?

We have to create the ads which really match with our keywords and themes to increase the conversion rate.

9. What is the limit for AdWords ads?

For description line the limit is 25 characters, for description line 2nd the limit is 35 characters and for the URL the limit is 1024 characters without any image.

10. How can you track conversions in Google AdWords?

We can track the conversions by tracking purchases by using the tracking code provided by Google AdWords. The second way to track is through view-through conversion window. The third way to track is to enable the ad rotation and the fourth way is to access the search funnels.

11. Can you tell, what are the other two options for bidding?

Other than PPC there are two bidding options which are CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and CPA (cost per action).

12. How can you tell that this is a good PPC landing page?

  • Give crisp and attractive headline.
  • when the page includes a good tagline which supports the keyword
  • If the page has trust symbols then also it is a good landing page.
  • When the page generates a good CTA.
  • By using an image which uses a graphic that attracts the visitors’ emotional side.

13Who are our competitors and what strategy can we apply to stay ahead of them?

Before going to the interview do your homework, search for the company where you are going its market value its competitors and what strategy you can adopt in PPC to stay ahead. The answer to this question lies totally on how much you do the research.

14.What do you know about CTR?

CTR stands for click-through rate which determines how much visitors have visited your site.

15. How can you calculate your CTR?

The formula for calculating the CTR is

No of clicks/no of impressions*100= CTR.

And this will be in percentage.

16. Do you know what type of keywords is used in PPC?

There are commonly four types of keywords.

First is research keyword which includes only one or two words, second is the consideration which has three to four words, third is purchase which should be more than three words and lastly loyalty which should be shorter and to the point.

17. What you understand and know about the Ad group?

Ad group consists of landing pages, keywords, advertisements and Google rewards at one stop.

18. Why have you chosen this field?

This is the tricky question. Interviewers after seeing your knowledge and depth in PPC will want to know more about you as a potential candidate and want to see how much you are dedicated to your work. You just have to tell them about your passion and wish to work in this industry and how you can do it very well.

19. What will you prefer for an E-commerce PPC campaign?

PLA’s which is product listing ads are best for an E-commerce PPC campaign.

20. Why should we use PLA’s for – commerce PPC campaign?

It actually provides an option which let us include price tags and images simultaneously which makes it more than perfect for use as any other thing do not let us include the price tags and images simultaneously.

21. What is Click Tag?

These tags are basically used to track the number of links mentioned by the links from various sources.

22. What is Google publisher Tags?

GPT is generally a library for tagging build up ad requests. It takes all the valuable details of the ad size, ad unit code, and key values in order to build the request and display it on the mobile applications and website pages. It is very prominent in tracking.

23. What kind of quality score you can achieve for keywords?

In the bygone campaigns I have a quality score of 7 out of 10 and now I am working on my QS by adapting optimization techniques.

24. How can you improve conversion rates?

It can be improved by developing ads which exuberantly matches with the keywords and create a flamboyant themed ad groups so that we can get the targeted users to the landing page. So by the conversions, we can also improve the quality of the landing page.

25. What is meant by converted clicks?

Simultaneously it is a metric which tracks down the number the clicks which give an outcome of best conversion. The metric is a strong term deprecated by Google.

26. What is remarketing audience and how to generate this list?

It is very easy to understand that the users who visit the site is called remarketing audience. And by using this remarketing tag on your website you can get and add the users to your audience list.

27. What is meant by search queries?

It is exactly the keywords which play a very vital role by which the ads are getting triggered into the search queries.

28. What is meant by price extension?

It is now known as the format of extension and the main work of it is that you can display the relevant products with the price.

29. Which setting cannot be changed after the adwords account is created?

The main thing in it that remains unchanged is currency and time zone.

30. What are the factors which affect quality score?

The quality score depends on the various things like the landing of the page quality, CTR of the keyboard, relevancy of the ads and keywords and most of all historic data. Hence these factors make your quality score one of a kind.