Google Ads Account is Suspended – Account Violated Unacceptable Business Practices Policy

Are you unhappy that your Google Ads account has been suspended? Relax! Many individuals experience Google terminating their Ads accounts. The Good News is that you can restore the account by adhering to some instructions. Continue reading to learn more about the causes of the termination of your Google Ads account and all of the potential fixes.

Regarding ensuring user protection and upholding a robust digital environment, Google is a rigorous platform. Google may permanently delete an account that has violated its terms and conditions. Therefore, if you’re having issues with account suspension, a regulation infraction may be to blame.

An advertiser’s account may be suspended, which includes a ban on using Google Ads, if they engage in actions that endanger the security of users, Google, or its partners. This is crucial for preserving a robust and resilient digital advertising environment that prioritizes user security.

This blog article will cover every detail of account termination and its causes. So let’s start right away without further ado.

What Are The Purposes of Google Ads Campaign (PPC)?

A platform for promoting products called Google Ads uses the pay-per-click business strategy. With the pay-per-click advertising strategy, advertisers or company owners can compensate Google for each hit or ad impression received.

Google Ads raise recognition of your business’s products and services among eligible consumers. When you use Google Ads, your website traffic and merchandise exposure improve. Most of the information Google offers is helpful for future campaign planning and company evaluations.

The following are some methods that Google Ads can strengthen your company’s marketing plan:

Rapid Results

An excellent tool for increasing online traffic to your website is Google Ads. Potential clients are now able to access your company. Your internet sales can expand significantly more generally, thanks to Google Ads. Online traffic changes completely once Google approves your advertisement.

Enhanced Brand Recognition

The typical individual uses the internet for more than 7 hours per day. This indicates a high chance that people will watch your ads more than once. Targeting with placement works best for this.

Your company recognition will grow thanks to Google Ads’ placement targeting. With the help of Google Ads, you can reach the ideal consumers for your goods anywhere in the world, thanks to a robust online networking system. The amount of reach that an advertisement location can accomplish is unrestricted.

Fiscal Management

For each year under evaluation, businesses have a goal for revenue and expenditure. Spending on advertising can be costly.

The majority of marketers need help to keep the cost of advertising under control. Nowadays, traditional marketing strategies like giving out flyers to passers-by and placing billboards in sunny locations are no longer effective.

Google Ads assists companies in reducing their advertising costs as a result of the rise of digital ads. You gain total power over your money and all of your available financial options. Budget control mechanisms are aided by options like establishing daily spending caps and only paying for ads when they are viewed on Google Ads.

Target Particularity

Quality prospects are crucial for marketers and salespeople, including those in affiliate marketing. A successful marketing strategy should aim to connect with as many individuals as feasible.

Using the appropriate terms guarantees that your product is seen by the proper group of consumers, thanks to Google Ads’ target-specific algorithm. Your company is scaled to the forefront by Google Ads.

Effective Scaling

Google Ads support profitable company growth. This is accomplished by successfully scaling your business campaigns’ organizational structure, selecting the appropriate target audience for your campaigns, and expanding the performance measures for your enterprise. Google Ads provides the proper scaling tools for increasing your company.

Easy Campaign Management

In principle, anyone can implement Google Ads programs. The Google Ad platform does not require previous instruction or staff with an MBA. Even at the most basic level, you can have the correct outcome for any of your projects with excellent digital marketing skills.

Google Ads are always helpful and pertinent to the general expansion of your company. Most of these advertisements are simple to scale, assess, and watch. However, you cannot open a new account with the same identity because of Google’s zero-tolerance policy for terms of service violations. Any company may suffer a significant loss from this.

What Does Your Google Ads Account Suspended Mean?

Suspension of your Google advertisements account indicates that Google has briefly stopped running your advertisements. They have discovered that you are breaking a few of their rules, and they want you to make the necessary corrections before they restore your account.

Common and Useful Causes of Google Ads Account Suspension

Several variables, among other noteworthy ones, may lead to the termination of your Google Ads Account. Here are seven reasons why your Google account might be banned, along with fast advice for avoiding it.

Google Ads Breaking the Law

The majority of businesses must abide by several rules. Google Ads also fall under this. One of the most frequent causes for account bans is a violation of the laws governing the Google Ads digital network.

Different rules are in effect in various geographical areas. For instance, in the UK, promoting paternity tests is illegal and criminal.


The act of imitating another individual, company, product, or brand without the owner’s consent is known as counterfeiting. It is illegal and is considered a deceptive deed. The Google Ads policy also forbids this behaviour.

Therefore, your account may be suspended if you attempt to copy or imitate a product from another company or create or digitally market a comparable product to one of your competitors.

Pro Tip: You might need to alter your product design or anything else that is similar to your competitor’s brand to make it evident that you are not violating another brand’s copyright.

Too Many Advertisements

Although Google Ads is a venue for advertisements, your Google Ads account may be banned if you decide only to use it to show advertisements in order to increase your income and internet traffic. Ads that are too prevalent can harm your Ads account because Google might view them as a quick-money scam on your behalf.

Pro tip: Your main goal should be to present your company’s goods to consumers, not to profit from advertisements. Avoid flooding your account with pointless Ads.

Unusual Behaviour on Your Accounts

Google can be very guarded about who enters and exits their virtual area. As a result, your Ads account may be terminated if Google discovers illegal entry to your accounts. This is merely a security step to guard against criminals accessing your account.

Additionally, Google has a strict policy against opening a new account with the same identity. They will ban all linked identities once they determine that this violates their terms and conditions.

Unusual Payment

Google Ads does not support company proprietors who commit fraud, so if your purchase actions are fraudulent, your account may be suspended. When Google responds with “Can’t verify billings” or “Payment marked suspicious,” you can tell if your purchase is fraudulent.

Here are some scenarios in which Google Ads may flag your purchase as suspicious:

  • When it is impossible to verify your invoicing
  • When you use a card with a blocked account.
  • When Google Ads rejects your payment card.
  • When you use cards that are not real, such as virtual cards, cards that have been taken, or cards obtained through dishonest means.

Malware/Malicious software

Malware is destructive software that can obstruct a system’s efficient operation. Given that one of Google’s primary goals is to safeguard user data, it has a low tolerance for Ads accounts that host advertisements for malicious websites. Thus, Google will terminate your account, and your data and any previously uploaded material will also be at risk if you knowingly host malware advertisements.

Getting Around Systems

There are laws and norms that, when broken, are forgiven by Google. There are laws that, when violated, are flagged by Google as “egregious offences.” This frequently occurs when attempting to trick Google’s algorithm. You can get a lifelong suspension from the Google Ads environment by engaging in behaviours like the ones listed below.

  • Creating a new account following the suspension of your Ads account.
  • Placing harmful connections on your company website
  • Adding a link to the main page

Keep in mind that if your Google Ads account is ever stopped, the solution will partly rely on the cause of the suspension.

What Should You Know About Recovering a Suspended Google Ads Account?

What you must do to resolve the situation will depend in part on why your account was stopped. Regular infractions and “egregious violations” are distinguished in Google’s rules.

You don’t want your account to be terminated due to an egregious infraction. In general, Google won’t typically allow you to recover your account if you’ve been found culpable of a blatant violation, even though it’s possible to restore an account that was banned due to a common infraction.

In these situations, contacting Google and proving (honestly, of course!) that the alleged infraction was committed by a hacker is your best option. However, you need to find out if Google’s staff will support you.

However, in the event of common breaches, you have the following options for account restoration. Remember that there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” answer to this issue. The reason an account was banned in the first place will determine the correct procedure to restore it.

How to Resolve /Reactivate Google Ads Accounts from Suspension?

Here are some options for resolving your ban from Google Ads:

Make your payments on time.

In addition to money for the ads you display on your website, Google Ads offers some digital marketing services that require payment. If you need to catch up on some of these payments, Google may send you a letter informing you that you must make a payment. If you still need to do that, you need to start paying right away. Your Google Ads account may be restored following payment.

However, if everything is okay, you can inform Google in writing that you have made all of the purchases on time, as this might be a mistake on the part of the algorithm.

Delete any dangerous or fraudulent programs.

The answer is to remove any malicious malware if your Google Ads account is blocked as a result of nasty malware. Get a trustworthy malware removal service and clean up your business website as soon as you get a Google email alert that your website has dangerous adware. It is recommended to run a spam website check as well.

Adapt your ads to Google’s requirements.

Any Google local law violation is resolved by modifying or changing your ads. There may be instances when this is accidental. If your account is banned, you can alter the advertisements to Google’s liking or, better yet, change the ads’ specific content.


To more effectively make adjustments to the concerned Ads, you can make use of the Google Ads creator application. The utility makes it easier and faster to modify any advertisements that seem to be offensive. Creating your Google Ads more compliant with Google’s policies is the goal of this process.

Send a Google Appeals Submission

Errors are bound to happen. It’s possible that Google erred in accusing you or your company’s website of some infraction. Not to fear, you can challenge Google’s decision regarding the misunderstanding. For this sort of situation, Google has a form. Complete the form for your complaints and double-check that all the data is correct before sending.

Google considers the material that you provide to be untrue if it is inaccurate. Your Google Ads account will be permanently suspended as punishment. So instead of writing an appeal in a rush, make sure the information is correct and that you are warranted.

Note that Google is free to reject your request. Contact one of the team members and ask them to explain the rejection. The Google Ads Team can be contacted. Direct discussion of your circumstance will be more beneficial.

Filling out this form can help you secure your account from unauthorized users, mainly if you think you’ve been hacked.

Ask away; Google is receptive to questions.

When you pose inquiries, you cannot stray. It has been designed to provide solutions and responses to queries. Many of Google’s guidelines and regulations have solutions offered voluntarily by numerous groups. Some of these groups can be found on Reddit, Quora, and various other websites.

But be selective about who you ask for advice. Many individuals with little or no information can present themselves as knowledgeable. When receiving responses and taking action on them, discretion is required.

Correct all violations of Google policy.

The next step is to change it once you realize you’ve violated Google’s policy in relation to your Google Ad account. Try to actively correct your infractions by going through the list of remedies we provided in this piece. Most significantly, make an effort to avoid having your Google Ads account blocked.

How can I prevent future AdWords account suspensions?

It’s critical to monitor your advertising to prevent account bans for your ads. Your account will ultimately be permanently banned unless it is stopped too frequently.

The primary cause of Google’s bans is malware. Installing a security component with a firewall is necessary to defend your website against assaults. It is very challenging to stay on top of adware manually because the dangerous environment is constantly changing. With the help of a security component, you can prevent malware and misleading content from appearing on your website and avoid going through this ordeal again.

Other than in cases of spyware or illegal activity, Google rarely suspends accounts without cause. Therefore, you should be diligent about fixing advertisements if you notice that they are being rejected. Usually, there is a food path to follow. While we don’t mean to imply that you were negligent, it is simple to overlook these details during a busy workday.


So far, we’ve discussed practical advice on what to do if your Google Ads account is stopped. Reinstating your account should be simple unless you’ve likely broken a strict regulation.

The foundation of a secure Google Ads account is familiarity with some of Google’s policies. Learn the causes of any Google Ads ban you have encountered to avoid similar situations in the future.

On the other hand, you can avert detention altogether by being aware of what to stay away from. And if your account has been suspended because you’ve broken a Google policy, check out the debugging part to figure out what’s wrong as soon as possible. In this manner, you can continue to produce leads and sales for your company.