Adopt These 7 Strategies to Increase Traffic Through Social Media!

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Accept it or not, social media has become an integral part of our lives and businesses. If you think that it’s a myth then just see around yourself, you will find every other person on social media. According to the numbers shared on Facebook officially, it has 2.07 ACTIVE USERS! Believe the numbers as they don’t lie. Just imagine if 2 billion people are on social networking site (I have just counted one) then you can’t ignore the power of it.

There is something in it that people are earning through social media marketing. We have also discussed in the previous blog how to earn money through blogging. Let’s just see the stats- Facebook has 2.07 billion active users, Twitter has 330 million users, Instagram has 800 million users, and LinkedIn has 467 million users. These numbers are increasing day by day. These social media channels can have a great impact on the business as our potential buyers are spending their time online instead of offline.

With these massive numbers of potential customers lying in the social media channels, we have to use it correctly to increase the traffic on our campaigns to generate business.

 Here are 7 tips you can follow for the success of your social media campaign:

1. It is all about content!

Relevancy of content is important in social media campaigns. This not about only content, you have to provide the right content to which they can relate emotionally. Here the quality matters not the quantity. Your content has to go viral and trend on the most social media platforms to increase the traffic. Short, crisp and straightforward taglines help in building the audience. Be audience oriented and engage and observe what content they want to see and accordingly do your magic.

2. Use infographics to highlight and spread your message.

It is scientifically proven that visuals have more impact than the content. If you provide visuals it is almost certain that the message you wanted to share will be in the audience’s mind for a longer time and they will take their decisions use images, videos, give demos and use infographics to have a great impact

3. Feedbacks are important!

Ask for feedback and ask your audience to share your content if they like it. Mouth publicity works better than anything else. Get feedbacks ask for comments and everything which makes it a two-way communication, which will bring extra traffic through social media platforms.

4. Use easy plug-ins and buttons to make easier for your audience to share.

 Get the easy plug-ins which makes the sharing of your content easy. Just make some buttons through which they just have to log in from their account and will be able to share your content.

5. Start using giveaways and attract your audience

Who does not like freebies? Of course, everyone likes it. Start holding campaigns in which you give free something which can be put to use. Plus you can also drive traffic by organizing quizzes, contests which will increase audience engagement.

6. Make strategies to post your content.

I know this one is a bit difficult task and involves hit and trial method. But you have to find the right kind of frequency and time to post your content. Also, you have to make strategies to make it viral and to make it a trend. You have to be creative and make your own strategies which will give the right amount of traffic.

7. SEO is also important!

While you are going in depths about the tips the important part which most of the campaign holders forgets to optimize the search engines so that the trend or post created must get a high audience. You have to give SEO the credit and to maximize the traffic you to do the SEO rightly.

Don’t forget that audience is the king of the social media platforms. You have to impress the young generation which is way smarter than you think. So, to increase the traffic you have to be a step ahead of them and hit on the emotional weakness to penetrate their comfort zone so that you can convert them into potential customers