5 Decisive Channels for performing social media marketing!

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In our earlier blog- Want to become a social media Geek?  Read this! We saw why social media is a crunch point to build your brand or product. The social media channels are important to communicate with your audience and to build the close relations with your targeted audience in order to convert them into esteemed and valuable customers. 

Social media is ruling the digital sector by having 75% world’s population on its channels. If we see the figures provided by a survey we saw shocking figures. As survey goes, Facebook has over 2.5 billion users, YouTube has over 1.5 billion users, Instagram has 8 million users Twitter has over 7 million users and many more social media channels with more and more users.

The most salient advantage of using social media channels is that is it cost-effective.  Now you don’t have to pay thousands and thousands of rupees for brand promotions and hoardings. You can promote and create your brand awareness on these sites almost saving your money. The plus point other than is you can directly connect with your audience without any intermediate which really helps to boost your business.

We have recapitulated top 5 social channels which can boost your business:

  1. Facebook

This social media channel can prove as a training point for your marketing. Over 2 billion of its users you have great opportunities to build loyal and valuable customers for your brand. You will be shocked you know that earlier facebook was simply used to connect with the friends worldwide but now you can see what is there is facebook and what lies for you in it- valuable customers. It has also launched Facebook adverts which let you upload your advertisements and of course it is a paid application. And you can invest in it which will give you great revenue. Hence it is a very effective platform.

  1. YouTube

YouTube is the second most search engine which was earlier a video sharing platform for fun activities. It is beneficial for those who prefer to post videos about their brand instead of writing heavy content about their brand. With over 8 million users YouTube is ever growing and people spend 1 hour of their daily schedule watching videos so it’s a remarkable platform to promote your brand.

  1. Twitter

Twitter is famous for its idea of- write less, say more. If you think that with 140 characters how you are gonna say what you want to say! But dear users twitter is much more than that! First of all, you can add videos, pictures, and other media with your 140 character word limit and plus the real use of Twitter is by hashtags. Your brand can be trending with these hashtags and it can be promoted while creating awareness. Its main benefit lies in viral your post among the netizens.

  1. LinkedIn

If you want to establish yourself in the business industry then LinkedIn is the perfect platform for you. You would be able to connect easily to the companies of any industry. One of the best to link to the different type of industries and to target them is to connect with them on LinkedIn.

  1. Instagram

With ever growing users of Instagram you can use this platform to share images videos and whenever you organize any event you can request your attendees to share the location of the event wit hashtags so that your event can become a trend so that you can establish yourself.

So these channels are avant-garde channels for your business growth and if you want to invest in social media marketing do check these platforms and their trends to gain maximum benefit.