Want to become a social media Geek? Read this!

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In our earlier blog we have talked about Best Way of SMO Techniques for Startup or Small Business and now we will go in depth- how we can become a social media expert which can benefit any industry be it small or big.

Who is a Geek or social media geek?

A geek is a person who is really enthusiastic and obsessed about a certain field, hobby or with a specific intellectual pursuit. It is just a slang word for those who really obsessed about something and is really popular in the modern world. Similarly, a social media geek would be a person who has a thorough knowledge of social media, who completely knows about each and every activity which is being performed on social media, what are the trends and pictures are going viral and how to take advantage of that!

How can you become a social media expert?

  • Build your Theoretical knowledge!

Read lots and lots of posts related to social media. Gather information as much as you can about social media. Also reads blogs of social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn etc.

Learn about various tools of these social media channels to get the benefit for your brand.

  • Practical knowledge of social media industry.

Opt for the training to get practical knowledge: Now there are many institutes who teach how to do social media marketing which give you the training in an organized way and you will get real-time training.

Opt for the online courses: you can learn social media marketing by the certifications provided by Google and Facebook which will enhance your learning as well as your resume.

Get the real-time experience by joining some project: it does not matter if it is a small project because there is always an opportunity to make it big. Work as a freelancer to get some small project on social media marketing as nothing can subdue the power of strong practical knowledge.

Social media marketing is now of great importance. For example, let us think what will be the advantage of advertisements which are on hoardings. If I asked this question a few years back when digitization hasn’t revolutionized then many would say it is of great benefit to reach out to our customers. But it does not hold that much importance in today’s digital world. As our audience which we have to target is spending their time on their phones which is on social media!  Facebook has recently updated a list of its users which goes beyond 2 billion people, which is a shocking list indeed! Other platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram are also growing so, it is necessary to build the relationship with your targeted audience to convert them into customers by entering into their comfort zone. Hence it requires a lot of practical experience with that of theoretical knowledge about social media to master the social media industry.

Understand your audience, penetrate into their comfort zone and become a master of it!