5 Trends You Need To Pick Up In 2018 For Social Media Marketing!

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You can’t contradict the fact that social media has become the biggest platform for potential customers. Stats don’t lie. Currently, only Facebook has 2.07 billion active users. It does not matter if you like social media marketing or not but if your marketing strategies don’t include social media then you are at a big loss.

Every organization whether small or big has recognized this fact and if you accept it now, you won’t have to regret it later!

So, it is the time now to take some decisions and make strategies for the coming year as this is almost the ending of the year 2017. Social media is trending on everywhere.

It was revealed in the survey that every person spends almost 4 hours of a day on social media platforms and business holders can’t afford to lose this opportunity. We have to grab each and every opportunity and sometimes we have to create one.

That being said, if each person in the world is spending its quality 4 hours on social media then it holds the potential customers in bulk. We just have to catch their attention somehow and that is difficult.

With digital marketing being promoted in India, we need to stay ahead of others are competition is increasing each day. Marketers have to place their keen eyes on the on-going trends which are gonna successful in future i.e. which will hold value in future.

These trends will only work when you will make the most of them simultaneously using SEO Trends which will dominate in 2018.

Have your keen eyes on these 5 trends which will trend in 2018

1. Videos having subtitles will have great reviews.

I have seen a huge increase in videos on popular social media sites. People are sharing videos more than their pictures on social media. And this is only going to increase. Plus people are watching the videos by muting their videos while they are working. I mean I also it does often. And videos which have subtitles will surely have the effect on the viewership.

2. The trend of LIVE videos.

If you are an active user of any social media platform then you will realize that every other person is going live. Even people who are marrying go on live on the social media platforms. People hold events and they live stream their videos which has a greater impact on the personal relationship between the end consumer and brands.

3. Content will always remain the king!

I have always given the utmost importance to the content because if what you are selling is not authentic and genuine and does not connect with the customers emotionally then you can’t do social media marketing. We have to catch the end consumer’s attention which can only be done by effective and engaging content.

4. The era is of posting stories!

Even Whatsapp has to change its features when it came to this one. Whatsapp is the most popular chat application who has stolen the features of snap chat. Not only WhatsApp but the list is endless. So stories will be trending in the coming year.

5. We are dependent on the generation Z!

In the last, the generation Z will also contribute to the social media marketing because day by day the number of users of social media is increasing as we are movi9ng forward to the augmented reality.

We have to catch up with the trend as we are moving forward in the 2018 and we have to match with the pace of technology as it is running with the speed of bunny without any halt.