8 Signs Which Indicate That Your WordPress Site Is Hacked

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WordPress is one of the famous platforms which is also known as content management system because it boasts the airtight security. Getting hacked is the sort of fad that you might think only happens to other people around you. But, everything is changed when you discover that you have been hacked.

There are various signals that you have been hacked aren’t always obvious. Basically, it happens when you pierce your incorrect password on the first few tries, you may not notice that your admin account is no longer accessible to you. It is really important to become skilled at knowing the signs that your site has been hacked. And, to avoid this malicious content you have to take strict and smart measurements.

In this blog, we will demonstrate about the signs of hacking, and we will also introduce you to a few indications to let you know that your WordPress site has been hacked. So, here are some frequent snitch signs that will figure out that your WordPress site is hacked or negotiated.

Stay awake and know the indications of hacking

  1. An abrupt drop in website traffic- If you will watch your Google analytics you will discover that there is a sudden drop-down in the traffic as there are many malware and Trojans out there that captured your websites traffic and redirected you to the websites full of spams.
  2. Ghastly links added to your website- In it one of the common indications is that data is injected from your hacked WordPress site. You can fix this problem by backdoor inject data and you can secure your website from online threats.
  3. Problems in WordPress Login- If you are facing problem while accessing your account then there is a perfect sign that your WordPress site is hacked.
  4. The server receives unknown files and scripts- If you are using a file scanner then you will get alerts when some unknown files or scripts are tracked on your account. So, in this case, conduct the audit of your security.
  5. When your website’s homepage is defaced- This is probably one of the most obvious ones because it is clearly noticeable on your website. The majority of the hacking efforts don’t deface your website’s home page as they want to remain unnoticed for as long as possible.
  6. Fail to send or receive WordPress emails- it is quite normal that hacked servers are basically used for spams and if you are not able to send or receive emails then there is a scope that the mail server is hacked to send spam emails.
  7. The website becomes unresponsive or slow- In the present scenario any website can become the victim of hacking on the internet and it is happening all over the world using fake IPs. So, any such activity on your website can slow down your website and your website becomes unresponsive.
  8. Doubtful user accounts in WordPress- If you are not using spam register protection and your website is open to register then there is a chance that some suspicious accounts will administrate the user and it will disable you to delete these accounts from the WordPress admin area.


Thus, on these grounds, users should always keep in mind all these impractical follies and make their websites shine in all the forums and communities. And every user should keep in mind about all the indications so that they can become alert and protect their website from hacking.

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