Fasten your seat belts Entrepreneurs! Get ready to be emboldened by Dharmesh Shah.

You are currently viewing Fasten your seat belts Entrepreneurs! Get ready to be emboldened by Dharmesh Shah.

Earlier we have talked about how startups and entrepreneurs can opt for digital marketing in Reasons to Opt for Digital Marketing as startups – you can thank us later.  And in this post will talk how entrepreneurs can draw inspiration from Dharmesh Shah. As every startup goes through thick and thin but what makes them steady is no-to-give-up-attitude! This surely is reflected in our presenter Dharmesh Shah. 

Dharmesh Shah does not need any introductions, who all are engaged in their startups look up to Dharmesh Shah for some inspiration. And in case you don’t know who he is, I would like to kindle you on this matter. He is the co-founder of Hubspot, He is the fellow benefactor of promoting motor HubSpot, which offers programming, intended to enable organizations to draw in and connect with their clients on the web and I would request you to Google about his story and struggles.

Every startup has its own story and struggles, but the most important thing is to believe in your dreams and it does not matter if others believe in it or not. Dharmesh Shah has shown enough courage to chase his dreams and followed his passion which eventually landed him founding such a company which had a unique idea i.e. to provide tools for social media marketing. Today HubSpot is a tremendous accomplishment with more than 9000 clients. What’s more, they’ve raised more than $100 million in venture funding and their revenue raised up to $270 million dollars and counting. This success was not so easy, as he this was his third startup and other things just didn’t work out well.

And now Mr. Shah is an active investor in various startups, having put resources into more than 30 new companies, for the most part outside of any investor venture gathering. He has been a counselor or financial specialist in AngelList, GroSocial, Buffer, Rapportive, and many others. With his experience in new businesses and investing, it’s no big surprise that his blog,, is a standout amongst the most prominent spots online to discover exhortation and motivation for business people. Get some piece of advice as he says “That is the life of an entrepreneur: It’s a steady stream of hard work, occasionally punctuated by some really hard decisions.” You must be able to relate to this that sometimes in the journey you have to take difficult decisions. As the saying goes that businessmen don’t sleep and even if they do sleep they think about expanding their business while sleeping. But the task of entrepreneurs is much greater than that of says Mr. Shah “Sleep is that time you’re working on startup problems with your eyes closed.” stamping the saying. However, entrepreneurs have to do a lot of hard work as compared to the settled businessmen.

Learn these five things from Mr. Shah

  • Create your unique identity.
  • Bring value to the company you are associated to.
  • Always be a good presenter so that people look up to you.
  • Don’t forget to live your life while giving life to your startup.
  • Don’t lose a seeking spirit as every new day has something new to teach.

Despite being an introvert Dharmesh never stops encouraging others with his own stories. Cheers, kudos! Make your own story and lead by example as Mr. Shah is leading!