5 Simple Ways To Secure Your Website From Online Threats!

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Reputation is the only thing the brands and website holders work for! The way we have digitized every brand and company needs to be on the internet. Nowadays owning a website is not a choice but an obligation.

But with the rapid emergence and revolution of the internet, online threats are a constant companion. Everything has its plus points and negative points and we have to embrace the internet with its positive and negative effects.

If I go into details then we only have 10% access to the internet and the other part of the internet is known as the dark web.

Every other day we hear the news that some hacker has hacked the website. Recently somewhere in India also some government websites were hacked, though some claimed that nothing was lost or there was no damage, these things are the only partial truth.

If you are also a website holder whether small or big, whether it has some data or not you are also at vulnerable to the hackers as much as other website holders which have the potential data to attract hackers.

I know through the grapevine it has been spread that if your website does not have any potential thing to lose then you are not on the hackers list. Actually, that’s a lie. These rumors are spread by the hackers only because website holders have everything to lose besides the data, reputation, and everything.

Know one thing that your website can be a host through which these malicious things can be done. It can become an intermediate for hackers through which they can hack or send some unwanted messages to others. So, website owners always have to be on their toes and have to keep their eyes and ears open to these malicious things.

As the famous saying goes that prevention is better than cure. Here also if website holders take precautions then there will be no need to find a cure. Every hacker looks for things which are easily accessible, hence by preventing your data to be easily seen and accessible you can put these things at bay!

Website holders just need to give attention to these 5 things to secure their website:

1. Keep all your security programs and other up-to-date.

First and the foremost thing to prevent the hackers to shortlist your website is to stay updated. Keep all your security programs updated so that hackers don’t find any loose point to attack your website. Do not, I repeat do not compromise the security of your website for money.

2. Protect your web hosts/servers and other things with a strong password.

That goes without saying, website holders have to set their passwords strong so that they cannot be cracked. Also limit the access to the website login which will ensure more security and one more thing, donor write down passwords on emails and on other online servers.

3. Keep back up of your files handy.

We always have to prepare for the worst. Backup your files and important data, back site, on sites everything so that if your site has been shortlisted and an attempt being made you don’t have that much to lose.

4. Have the protection layer of WAF (web application firewall).

This will work as an encryption layer between you and the web browser and your data will remain encrypted. Everything you come across will be searched by the firewall for security reasons.

5. HTTPS is useful.

HTTP which is hypertext transfer protocol secure ensures that the two-way communication is secured and encrypted end-to-end.

Prevent yourself from being shortlisted through these methods. Website holders can also turn to some online tools which provide cybersecurity to the websites of the holders.