7 SEO Trends to Look Up To in 2018 which will turn the Market Upside Down.

You are currently viewing 7 SEO Trends to Look Up To in 2018 which will turn the Market Upside Down.

2017 is almost over. In a month we will be welcoming a new year full of prospects. Everyone would have started to make strategies for their businesses- how it will grow in 2018, what we should expect from our business in 2018 and what techniques should we adopt to increase the revenues.

As everyone says, it is now or never. So, it is now we have to decide what are the possible trends which are gonna dominate the internet in 2018 for search engine optimization and how can they benefit our rankings, which of them we have to look up to and create a strategy to use them to create maximum benefit. If you are looking for tips to become a great SEO professional then follow our blog –Become great SEO professional with these 5 tips.

The survival of the fastest is really important in the digital marketing sector. We have to become comfortable with the changes, who efficiently adopts these changes becomes a king in this sector! We have to keep ourselves updated with the latest tools and technologies to survive in this sector.

So here goes the 7 SEO trends which will prove as a Brahmastra for SEO:

1. Use of Google Assistant (a voice searcher).

Make your websites, searches and content voice friendly. It was revealed in a survey that out of 100, 60% of the people will search the content on the internet through the Google assistant which includes the old people and the young generation. So if you do not make your websites and searches according to that you will miss out 60% of the audience and your website will not rank.

2. SERP is dominating in the Google searches!

Have you ever paid attention to the extra boxes which Google pop-outs in the top of the result pages? That is what SERP is! To get the first rankings SERP has introduced the new features such as answer boxes which give the information within seconds without searching for long but in brief.

3. AMP- introduced by Google!

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), an initiative taken by Google, after seeing the increase in the number of mobile users. This allows website holders to make their websites mobile-friendly, in turn, attracting mobile users.

4. The faster the better.

Remember, no one wants to wait for longer for a website to open. In present time no one has that patience left. So we have to be user-friendly in order to convert the audience into potential customers and regular readers and rank our websites. Your website should load much faster so that users don’t have to wait much. Use Google page speed to determine the speed and stay ahead of others.

5. Build yourself as a brand and involve in PR.

This is surely gonna help. Mouth publicity and backlinks done by others make an impact on the rankings. Involve with the journalists; make yourself known in the market that people search for your content.

6. Impact of visuals in the SEO.

Consider this, if you get a video or infographics will you read the long and time wasting content? The answer will sure shot a NO! So videos and infographics are going to have a huge impact on the searches. Include videos and infographics to improve your search rankings.

7. Last but not the least- Content will always be a king!

Better, unique and engaging content attracts the audience and is always at the center of the SEO trends.

These trends are going to dominate in the coming year, so become adaptable to changes!