10 tricky questions that are asked in an E-mail marketing interview

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Emails, emails, and emails? You go to your email account and found that your account is full of emails? Have you ever thought of that you can generate leads from these annoying emails?  If you think that from these bulk of emails no one can generate leads and business then you are probably wrong.  Email marketing has grown leaps and bounds in the recent five years. Just think of one small thing- why does every other site ask you to log in through your email or asks you to give your email id? Let me make this easier for you; because you can be the potential customer for them and this data can generate business for them that is why you are asked to log in to your email.

And that’s how email marketing became popular and now every other company invests in this area to generate leads through email marketing campaigns. If you are going to an interview and nervous about it as to what will be asked in the email marketing interview then this is for you! Read more to handle the interview questions that are frequently asked and how you can deal with them and crack the interview. Also, if you are having difficulty in dealing with frequent PPC questions then read most frequently asked questions in a PPC interview with their answers, to get some idea.

10 questions that are asked in the email marketing interview:

  1. Why do you think we should do email marketing and how this will benefit us?

The company which is giving a thought to invest in the email marketing will ask this question as for sure to know how this can bring business. So tell them what is email marketing is and how it means to reach people in bulk in order to convert them into potential customers and how their business will increase with this.

  1. According to you what is best time and day to send emails and hold email campaigns?

This is based on hit and trial method and if you have experience of email marketing then you can tell the recruiters the feasible time and which worked for you earlier or if you are fresher then you can go for the evergreen time and day which morning time and weekdays.

  1. What will subject line strategy you choose?

Every email has 5-6 seconds which tells whether it will be read by the audience or will be in the inbox without a read. So everyone has to make the subject line crispy, straightforward and which says much n short time so the ideal strategy is to make the subject line under 50 characters and not more than that.

  1. What are the laws of email marketing?

This one is a straightforward question and a theoretical one. Use your email marketing classes and course to answer this one better.

  1. How can we grow our subscriber’s list?

It is really essential to increase the right kind of subscriber’s list which will enhance your business. So you can either ask customers to give their email id or login with their email id which will ensure that you have the target audience which can be converted into the potential statement.

  1. What do you mean by bounce rate?

Bounce rate is the percentage of emails which was rejected by the recipient’s server.

  1. What do you understand by inbox rates?

Inbox rate is how many emails were able to reach to the inbox of the recipient.

  1. How would you deal with the emails which we already have?

Do some homework and get to know about the company and what type of email marketing strategy they adopt and what you can do it to improve those emails which can effectively generate leads.

  1. How would you deal with the SPAM and make sure our emails don’t go in the SPAM folders?

This requires great email marketing skills and if you have paid attention to your classes you will know the answer that some codes and methods are adapted to avoid these situations.

  1. How would you plan your email marketing campaign keeping in mind that we have limited time and budget?

This is a tricky question and it leaves many candidates to splits as what to answer. But if have good quantitative and reasonable skills then with their marketing skills they would able to handle this questions very well suggesting some tactics would work really well.

So, now you know the basic questions that are asked in the email marketing interview! Don’t get nervous and use your skills and presence of mind to tackle them well.