Top 10 Google Ads(PPC) Management Company in India

Running Google Ads is the most efficient approach to get greater results on marketing efforts. With an average of over 500% ROI, Google Ads is contending with various marketing tactics. However, operating ads without some expert help is the largest mistake you can do in marketing efforts.

Along with selecting the best fit PPC channels, it is essential to choose the best PPC firm for your business. PPC Advertising Company will collaborate with your business to succeed in your sponsored advertising efforts. Different kinds of PPC companies are Search Engine Ads agencies, Facebook Ads agencies, LinkedIn Ads agencies, etc.

We are going to discuss the best 10 google ads agencies in India that will help you promote your goods and services on the biggest search engine in the world. We will also give the editor’s suggestions on the best PPC Company in India.

Top Google Ads (PPC) Management Services Companies in India

Ranked #1 Digital Edge Institute For Google Adwords Services in India

G2 Ratings- 4.3 (243 reviews)

Services offered- Digital Edge focuses exclusively on Digital Marketing Course Along with SEO,  PPC campaigns Management, and Website Designing Services to provide better services to its customers.

In Google Ads, increasing your budget is not the only way to boost your ROI. A marketer’s ability to tap into the underlying psyche of PPC ads is critical to increasing conversions. Digital Edge Institute is a Top pay-per-click (PPC) firm that has achieved remarkable success by doing the same.

More than ten years have passed since the establishment of this organization, during which time it has helped thousands upon thousands of people. We gave it top billing because we evaluated the Indian market and specific variables important in that region.

There are three main marketing needs that this Delhi-based advertising firm caters to lead creation, E-Commerce sales, and YouTube advertising. Many evaluators give this firm high marks, and it consistently ranks in the top 5 on best-of lists.


It is the only agency discussed here that provides valuable services at reasonable prices. Because Digital Edge is an official Google Partner, all of our services are delivered in accordance with Google Ads policies and standards.

Again, when you factor in how Indian consumers and Google queries think, you can’t beat Digital Edge’s services. We discovered that their high rate of repeat business is a testament to their dominance in their field.

In light of this, we recommend this PPC firm in India as the best option for leveraging Google Ads.

Ranked #2 Trionfo Services For Google Ads(PPC) Company in India

Achievements- Search Engine Land 2020 winner, Google Partner

Minimum Service Charges- Quote Based

Services Offered- SEO, SEM, PPC, and website optimization.

Generally, All Digital Marketing Agency familiar with Trionfo Services, and we all know how respected he is in the field of marketing. The same individual also operates an advertising firm called Trionfo Services, which provides a variety of PPC services to its customers. A number of well-known companies, including Facebook, eBay, and Google, are among the agency’s satisfied customers.

The firm is staffed by a large number of skilled individuals who provide clients with a wide range of services. The fact that Trionfo Services has such large customers and costs so much for their services is the only thing that could possibly annoy Indian corporations.

Therefore, a Small company that is interested in trying PPC services for the first time cannot afford to employ this firm in its entirety.


Choose Trionfo Services if you have sizable marketing funding and an established company objective. This firm provides excellent Google AdWords services in India and will also assist you in developing a long-term PPC plan.

It has the ability to be the finest Google Ads agency, despite the challenges it faces operating in the Indian market Because Google Ads Updates His Features Every 2nd Day.

Ranked #3 WHITE DIGITAL For Google Ads(PPC) Agency in India

Trustpilot Rating- 4.4 (10 reviews)

Minimum Service Charges- $350

Services Offered- PPC and website optimization.

Another major player in India’s pay-per-click advertising market is White Digital. In addition to being a certified Google Partner, the company’s Tamil Nadu, India office is also a Microsoft Elite Advertising Partner for Bing. This department is well-known for its “No-competitor” strategy, which limits its assistance to a single company per market.

According to White Digital, it is more efficient for a firm to focus on a single type of company within a specific market. Rather than relying solely on AI, they combine it with insights from behavioral science to help their clients.

They have over 700 active advertising initiatives at varying funding levels.


Always look for an Indian advertising firm that is familiar with the needs of your target audience. White Digital caters its Pay Per Click (PPC) services to each individual client by learning about their needs.

The firm has fantastic customer onboarding procedures and provides all the help you could want.

Ranked #4 PPC POSITION For Google Adwords Services in India

Ratings- Not Found

Minimum Service Charges- $250

Services offered- PPC and marketing planning consultancy.

Another company that provides search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising services is the PPC position. All of your marketing needs can be met by working with this one firm because of the breadth of services they offer. The agency’s PPC services are excellent because they provide both regional and national choices.

It’s useful for companies because it allows them to affordably acquire essential services. The steps a client must take to reach out to a particular prospect are made clear.


When it comes to meeting the demands of its clientele, PPC Position employs a customer service model centered on maximizing return on investment. Even in the preliminary stages of an advertising campaign, when new customers are being acquired, all of the strategies employed by this agency yield favorable outcomes.

If you’re in need of help and would like to speak with someone before making a commitment, this firm is a good option.

Ranked #5 DISRUPTIVE ADVERTISING For PPC Services in India

G2 Ratings- 4.7 (90 reviews)

Minimum Service Charges- $1000+

Services offered- Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and SEO.

Disruptive Advertising is yet another full-service advertising firm located in India also in United State. According to research published in Disruptive Advertising, the average advertising account fritters away 75% of its budget due to improper execution of advertising campaigns.

They also provide services like website optimization, design, and even lifelong riding in addition to pay-per-click advertising. Because of this, outsourcing your marketing activities is a safe choice.


Companies like Fandango, Broom, and Lowepro regularly use disruptive advertising. Plus, they’ve assembled a crack squad of PPC specialists with backgrounds in various fields. You can therefore confidently entrust them with your advertising efforts.

Ranked #6 OXEDENT For PPC Management Company in India

G2 Ratings- 4.7 (90 reviews)

Trustpilot Rating- 4.7 (40 reviews)

Services offered- Market research, PPC, and audience targeting.

Minimum Service Charges- $300

In India’s pay-per-click (PPC) market, Oxedent is a household brand. This company, located out of Kolkata, provides complete coverage for all of your pay-per-click needs. The name of the company itself reveals what they do best: they “oxygenate” advertising efforts.

Intriguingly, in addition to PPC services, they provide services like market analysis, audience size estimation, and achievement chance analysis. As a result, here is where a company can get all the marketing help they need.

The company promises that you won’t have to wait weeks or months before you see results from their work, as they can provide immediate website traffic.


Every company’s top priority should be finding the most qualified service supplier at the lowest possible cost. Considering these two criteria, Oxedent emerges as a solid option. With their staff of seasoned experts, you can expect personalized PPC services.

This means you can see if they fit your marketing requirements by visiting their website.

Ranked #6 RATANJHA DIGITAL For Google Ads (PPC) Management Company in India

Trustpilot Rating- 3.7

Minimum Service Charges- $1000+

Services offered- Complete digital marketing services.

When you work with RatanJha digital, a digital advisory service, you gain access to expert advice on how to use the internet to expand your company. This means you can get an in-depth study of your company alongside a strategic plan for reaching your ideal clientele. After ten years in business, RatanJha digital has hundreds of active tasks under their belt.

There is information on the website about sponsored PPC ads. And the trustworthiness of the services can be gauged through customer evaluations.


RatanJha Digital specializes in helping startups expand. As a result, companies and smaller businesses can rely on its services to generate the returns on investment they’re after. To ensure that everyone in India has access to quality Google Ads (PPC) services, a new marketing firm is introducing a paradigm shift.

Ranked #7 MEGETHOS For Google Adwords Services in India

TrustPilot Ratings- No reviews

Minimum Project Value- $10,000+

Services offered- Complete digital marketing services along with Content Marketing.

Here is a top-notch advertising firm that specializes in serving businesses in the technological sectors. The firm may not be as well-known as others on this list, but it does have tried-and-true methods for turning your advertising efforts into profitable ventures. The organization relies on data analysis, AI-powered strategies, and market needs to maximize profits.

Since it is small, you can have it tailored to your needs and get a price based on that. You can also consult with a member of their staff to learn how a Google Ads strategy tailored to your company’s specific needs can boost sales.


Megethos is the best firm to use if you run a SaaS (Software as a Service) business and want to advertise on Google. They are well-versed in assisting companies in this sector and can save you money on A/B testing by providing you with useful data.

Ranked #8 PERCEYO For Google Ads(PPC) Agency India

Trustpilot Ratings- Not found

Minimum Project Value- $10,000+

Services offered- PPC and website optimization.

The Bangalore-based Perceyo is now a tried-and-true choice for companies of all sizes thanks to its recognition as the city’s top digital marketing firm. This advertising firm has been around for 12 years and can help you use Google AdWords to get qualified customers.

A person searching for PPC marketing skills may be hesitant to trust the service provider because of the company’s emphasis on all digital marketing services. In any case, they have shown their mettle with some fantastic advertising efforts.


This platform’s weakness is also its greatest strength. They can handle everything related to marketing because they are a full-service digital marketing firm. As a result, you won’t need to seek the help of numerous organizations.

Ranked #9 VOY MEDIA For Google Adwords(PPC) Management in India

Trustpilot Ratings – Not Found

Minimum Service Charges- Custom packages

Services offered- Facebook Ads (Primary), Google Ads (secondary).

Voy media provides its clients with innovative advertising strategies because of its dedication to originality. The firm primarily works with Facebook advertising, but its Google ads service is also solid. This system would have placed in the top five of any list of the finest advertising companies.

Its website features case studies in which the company describes its solutions to some of the most frequently encountered issues encountered by its customers. When it comes to handling your company’s marketing campaigns across multiple platforms, this firm is top-notch.


Voy Media is a great fit if you’re looking for a global firm because your company’s reach extends beyond India. The team is made up of specialists who can oversee any kind of advertising effort and produce excellent results.