The Best Way to Learn E- Commerce Models & it’s Benefits

E-commerce or Electronic commerce is the broad term where anyone can sell and purchase goods & services over the internet. E-commerce is followed using the lots of range such as online shopping,  File transfer protocol, Email and Electronic data interchange also it sketch online transaction process,  inventory management system, supply chain management,  fund transfer, data collection and mobile commerce are modern technologies.  Two easy examples of E-commerce companies are Amazon and e-bay. Both are these companies consumer consumers goods and services from them.

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There are numerous types of E-commerce models which are working successfully on different- different areas or routes. To get E-commerce models kindly follow below mention points.


B2b is one of the best and primary models in E-commerce and it works in the huge area where any business or companies sell goods and services to the other companies.

Example–  Godaddy sells the domain name, hosting and website services to the startups. These kinds of buying and selling the cover business to business model of E-commerce.

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B2C model plays a very effective role in the E-commerce industry where consumers avail goods and services to the e-commerce website over the internet.

Example– When any consumer purchases a pair of Puma shoes from the official Puma website.


C2B module provides reviews and feedback about the goods & services through a survey. In this model, consumer conduct paid survey for any kinds of products and survey.


This is one of the famous and lead generation models of E-commerce where a consumer sells goods and services to another consumer.

Example– Olx is one of the live examples for C2C where anyone can sell products to the other consumer.


There are three main categories that follow these E-commerce models that are- Organization, Society, and consumer. These three categories are continuously getting benefits from E-commerce models.


  • Using any E-commerce modules, it can spread their marketing to international and national level with very lower cost.
  • These models are also supported to decrease the cost to manage and distribute paper based distribution or information by digital technologies.
  • E-commerce models easily create and improve the brand image of the company also it supports better customer services.


  • The consumer can get quick delivery and instant revert for his effort and also it provides multiple options for better satisfaction.
  • One of the best benefits where the consumer can get the revert of feedback for any products and services and get better transparency.
  • E-commerce models enter the virtual world to the consumer where the consumer collects information for products and services through the various source such as videos, images, reviews, infographics and etc.


  • E-commerce models support to reduce the cost of products and services for the consumer.
  • E-commerce models also provide goods and services in rural areas and it saves time and money in a larger way.
  • E-commerce modules also help government strategies and plan for cost reduction and improvement of goods and services.