A great shift in package delivery system in India- Smart Box!

You are currently viewing A great shift in package delivery system in India- Smart Box!

Don’t get confused if you see some strange boxes placed in the various metro stations. Do some inquiry into what do these boxes are for? Then you will get to know that these boxes aren’t some mundane lockers or the gaming section that metro is gonna providing but are here for some specific purpose! These boxes are here for making successful deliveries! Yes dear! You heard that right! Last time we have talked about the latest online shopping delivery via drone which the Amazon provides, read it on Online Delivery in Just 30 Minutes at Your Doorstep!

If you shop a lot and also got fed up the policies of your company on allowing the online parcels at your office or that security guard who always intervene in your privacy and checks the parcels every time it arrives then these boxes are for you!

The E-commerce revolution!

The smart box is a Delhi based company which was founded in 2015 by Amit and Vineet Sawhney with the vision of solving the issue of unsuccessful deliveries per day. With the e-commerce and digital revolution every other person shops online. In this digital world, everyone lacks the time and this was the reason behind the success of online shopping.

But everything is just not perfect in this world and has loopholes. So does online shopping have! With the increase of online shopping, the number of unsuccessful deliveries has also increased. If there are 20 packages to deliver then almost out of 20, 5 deliveries would fail in a day which also results in a decrease in revenue. This package delivery system is a win-win situation for both the consumers and for the retailers.

The smart box has launched this package delivery system in India and currently, these automated delivery boxes are in 20 metro stations. It has tied up with Delhi metro and would be expanding its web to all the metro stations. Currently, these boxes are in the Faridabad metro line and have also partnered with Yes bank to solve the COD (cash on delivery) mode problem. As these smart boxes are fully automated so the option of cash on delivery would get lost.

How does it work?

When you order something now you will be getting an option of the smart box as a delivery option. To get the delivery instantly without any nuisance of anyone intervening in your privacy and also a method which is full of security. Choose the smart box option and the delivery guy would most probably drop the box to the nearest smart box terminal chosen by you and you can collect that parcel within 3 days and after that, it would be returned to the company. This automated box is secured with the one-time password (OTP) and as the demonetization encouraged a lot population to go cashless it would be accepting all the majored credit and debit cards for instant payment. It has go swipe-your-card and get-your-parcel option instead of COD.

Felt outdated? Yes! These technological changes would make us feel a decade older. This e-commerce sector is going through a lot of change and we have to keep up the pace so that we can match them. By this revolution persons who are always on move can get their parcels without any tension. So, get your parcels now with easy-peasy steps.