Are you thinking of giving up on your blog?

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Here are the top 5 Google Adsense earners you can take inspiration from!

We have discussed how we can make money from our blogs in our previous blog-Ever pondered over the fact that you can make money from your blog? Are you one of those who has a blog but thinking of giving up on your blog as it is not giving you the desired results using Google Adsense? First of all, you need to know that you won’t get results overnight. And there are lot more examples who didn’t give up and now they are on the top list of making money from their blogs using Google Adsense.  Making money from Google Adsense is a bit difficult task but more beneficial as compared to any other marketing tools. If you are looking for some inspiration for how you can make money from Google Adsense then we are here to help you guys.

What is Google Adsense and how it became a famous tool for earning?

Google Adsense is a simple tool for placing ads on your website or blog which will fetch you money and it is launched by Google in June 2003. The income from Google Adsense is dependent on the fact that what type of ads you are using on your websites and if they are relevant to your blogs or websites or not, higher the quality of ads, higher the visitors. It will eventually lead to a higher number of clicks on the ads from your blogs or websites and you will earn money on the basis of pay per click.

Google Adsense has made its way and became the most lovable tool for Indian bloggers in recent past years. The fact that Google Adsense is most elevated paying web-based publicizing system ever deals with CPM idea and that is the only reason each Indian blogger wish to be an Adsense distributer.

So, now I will introduce the top 5 Indian bloggers who had earned a lot of money through Google Adsense and get ready guys to take inspiration from the brilliant bloggers –

  1.  Amit Aggarwal: – Amit Aggarwal leads a blog named Labnol. Its Alexa (Global rank) is 4,547 and Alexa rank in India is 732. He earns $ 25,000 per month through Google Adsense. He is the most famous blogger who earns the highest money by using Google Adsense. His blogs cover all technology related topics with crispiness and up to the point and straightforward.
  2.  Srinivas Tamada: – He owns a blog named and its Alexa rank (Global) is 16,384 and its Alexa rank in India Is 1,929. His net income per month from Google Adsense is $6000 to $8000. He is a Chennai based blogger and his blogs are solemnly related to the programming tricks and giving tutorials for various platforms programs.
  3. Arun Prabhudesai: – His blog named Trak and his blog’s Alexa global rank is 12,018, his Alexa rank in India is 1,749. He earns $5,000 per month through Google Adsense. His blogs include various written material on start-ups and some technology related stuff.
  4. Raju PP: – His blog is Techpp which deals which technology related posts. It is a complete tech related blog which was created by him in 2008. His blog’s Alexa global ranking is 21,845 and in India, its Alexa ranking is 3,005. He earns $15,000 from Adsense in a month.
  5. Harsh Agrawal:shoutmeloud is a popular blog created by Harsh and it mainly deals with SEO, Blogging, WordPress and internet marketing. His blog’s Alexa global ranking is 1,855 and its ranking in India is 197, he earns $700 to $1000 from Google Adsense but his majority of income comes from blog services and affiliate marketing.

Take away some inspiration and don’t give up! I bet one day you will also be in this list (wink).