Strategies to make for your Bulk SMS campaigns

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Last time we saw and discussed in our blog- 5 Decisive Channels for performing social media marketing; where our audience is spending their time. Nowadays over 60 billion people are using mobile and with the launch of digital India Campaign by our respectful Prime Minister Narender Modi, it is definite that other people of India who are not currently using mobile phones will be using them in coming five or ten years!

Hence, our audience will be on Mobiles from now on! We have to reach them, make our target audience and convert them into our esteemed customers.

And to reach to our target audience we can use the most effective tool – bulk SMS which can be proved as a most efficient tool for mobile marketing.

To lead the Bulk SMS Campaign everyone needs to make strategies so that their Campaign can be successful for mobile marketing.

And there are various benefits for holding the Bulk SMS Campaigns such as:

  • The bulk SMS campaigns are really cost effective.
  • This provides the direct link to the customers.
  • It will cut the whole crap which is present in between the audience and holder.
  • Most importantly users find these SMS very trustworthy.
  • And with SMS there is no need to keep Ad copies to avail the offers.

Words of wisdom for a successful Bulk SMS Campaign:

  • Keep your Messages short, crisp and direct.

SMS length must not increase from 160 characters. Be direct in what you are saying as it will directly communicate to the users and with extra information which is not related to them is irritable for the audience. So, keep it short, brief direct providing them the main information.

  • Try to know your target audience.

This is very important, because if you send the offer SMS to everyone and it is not related to them then they will be irritated by your SMS and can put you in Spam. And hence, the campaign holders should know whom they are targeting, why will they avail their offer and what is in there for their benefit.

  • Hold Sign-up Campaigns.

It is a brilliant way to connect with your audience and to know them so that you can target them easily. And also you would know that they interested in your offers and can be converted into a valuable customer.

  • Don’t send too much or to less SMS.

You have to find the right amount to send the SMS as it may happen that you send too much of SMS and your audience get irritated or it can also happen that you send less SMS that audience forgets which service you provide. So, it’s not a hard and fast rule that you have to send this much of SMS it totally depends on various campaigns.

  • Observe what is the right time to Bulk the SMS which yields maximum results.

It can be only done by the hit and trial method. You can also see that when your customers need the offer. You have to send the SMS when the requirement is there for a successful campaign and this can be only done by the observation.

  • Always provide an OPT-OUT option to your audience.

By doing this you will only cut that audience which was anyway not interested in your offers and you will have the valuable audience.

  • Personalize your SMS

By doing this the percentage of reading SMS increases.

  • Include Expiry Dates for better Results.

I hope this would really help the holders of Campaigns and they would generate maximum benefits.