Top Differences between E-commerce and M-commerce

In the current scenario, People don’t want to waste time on purchasing products in physical mode because mostly, people are using E-commerce and M-commerce platform to purchasing or selling or buying products. It has become the latest trend and suddenly buying habits have changed. E-commerce is not the very new trend, it has first time introduced 1970s and other side M-commerce is the part of E-commerce, it has firstly come 1990s for enforcement.

Today, we are demonstrating the top 5 major and effective difference between E-commerce and M-commerce.


E-commerce stands Electronic commerce where people can buy and sell products or services over the internet. It was designed with very manner way and it uses best segmentation and structure. It has divided into 3 major models such as:

  • B2B Business To Business
  • B2C Business To Consumer
  • C2C Consumer To Consumer


M-commerce stands Mobile Commerce. It is an emerging and trending technology where people can avail or sell products or service via mobile device or wireless devices through the internet. Nowadays, M-commerce has used each and everything such as banking, traveling, money transfer, grocery and foods, e-books, entertainment and movie ticket booking and much more things.

E-commerce Vs M-commerce

  • In E-commerce, the accessibility of internet is very mandatory in any condition.
  • In M-commerce, using latest and advance technology which is wireless connectivity.
  • In E-commerce, users can buy and sell products or services through internet connectivity.
  • In M-commerce, users can buy and sell goods and services via mobile phone with advanced WI-FI techniques.
  • In E-commerce, users use only web store for purchasing or selling products.
  • In M-commerce, users use various techniques for selling or buying products such as the hybrid app, web app, native app and also mobile version.
  • In E-commerce, users get more complicated and heavy users interfaces.
  • In M-commerce, users interface is very simple and easiest to operate.
  • E-commerce market will be not available anywhere because the user can’t get web availability anytime and anywhere.
  • M-commerce is available anywhere users can access through smartphones and tablets.
  • In E-commerce, users can justify the brand, reviews or rating of the products in very comfortable mode.
  • In M-commerce, users can’t be easily justified the product quality and feedbacks.

Note- Myntra (Shopping website) was converted App from shopping website at the year of 2015 but it could be sustained on mobile App and after few months, it has converted and back to the shopping website.

Growth of E-commerce

Here above mention image represents the sales growth of e-commerce according to the year wise. Each and every quarter is getting height on the basis of sale. In the 2015 year, E-commerce has got 6% actual growth.

Growth of M-commerce

Here above mention repents M-commerce sale report through the survey. The graph is showing the products and services ordered through tablets and smartphones but the survey is showing predication for 2018, 2019 and 2020. Mobile commerce is continuously rapid growing day by day and it will capture marketplace in future.