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Digitalization is becoming main stream in India. Unless 2010, many businesses were not digitalized then the air of Digital India swayed away everyone with its every key aspect. Now freelancers and entrepreneurs are gaining a heavy loss because of digitalization movement. But this is in a way has created sensation in the customer for purchasing trends online. Digital marketing with its growth has several job opportunities growing up which have turned out to be a good career guider in various industries.

There are lots of digital marketing institutes in Noida where you can join the certification course of digital marketing and also get you can make your career in digital marketing.

  • DIGITAL MARKETING IN REAL ESTATE: The market of real estate has grown up maturely and it does not require any sort of vast platform for advertisement. It requires online media to attract customers, buyers, sellers, and business to make their profit just like an online portal. However the major field of interest in real estate are where digital marketing skills are applied are:
  • Blogging
  • PPC or Pay Per Click
  • Social Media
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization
  • E-mail marketing
  • DIGITAL MARKETING IN BANKING & FINANCE: The rise of digital technology has changed the whole business around the globe. Its speed will leave behind all the banking and financial institutions. The methods of digital banking facilities have changed the whole working scenario. Opening a bank account digitally, financing a loan digitally and many more accounts related facilities have been shifted from manual to all digital thus providing scope for all digital marketing.
  • DIGITAL AMARKETING IN E-COMMERCE: With many small business, start-ups and ecommerce institutions finding its way in this digital scenario, this has proved useful for the set up of many career jobs.
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization
  • SMO or Social Media Optimization
  • Content Writer
  • Blogger
  • Payment Wallets
  • EFT or Electronic Fund Transfer

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  • DIGITAL MARKETING IN TRAVEL & HOSPITALITY: Travel is the first and important industry to be effected by the digital movement. With the quick information about a tourist spot, food facilities, and many gateways have proved successful for the tourism and travel industry to reach a larger audience with low cost.
  • Manage many mobile users
  • Setting up new SEO strategies

 And with hospitality now the guest coordinators have to update the room facilities online with guests service, room availabilities, its pricing etc are all expected to see its position online. All bookings have gone online and various online booking sites emerging as tools for customers to book online

  • DIGITAL MARKETING IN HEALTH & FITNESS: Many people surfing the net to solve their online problems. This is the reason why many health care companies have joined hands with digital marketing to give their best. To inform the public anything regarding new policies, disease, its medication or any other serious topic through social media.
  • Social Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Many people now prefer doing gaming at home rather than going to one. They prefer either instructors at home or will have a look of all the exercises at home. Doing yoga or exercise is now all possible online through many web portals. You can either go online t start a business in fitness with digital marketing and this will only increase your business value.

  • DIGITAL MARKETING IN MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT: With people updating themselves on social media at every minute which has increased its scope in media. Now every information is available to the media through the internet through social media network. People now just have to upload the information on any of the social media network. The most commonly used are Face book and Twitter.
  • SEO
  • SMO
  • Social Media Manager
  • Social media reputation manager
  • Public Relations

Since bollywood gossip is always on top of the gossip town and what else than social media is responsible for making it a hit. All the bollywood news, story, gossip gets updated in news feed in social media to give you the updates regarding the latest break-ups, links etc

  • DIGITAL MARKETING IN AUTOMOBILES: Nowadays, Digital marketing for automotive brings makes more profit than traditional marketing channels such as website, social media, email and websites. Digital marketing provides a multi-tier opportunity in automotive services. Automotive categories have numerous ways to take. With the invention many spare parts and information on them is now available online globally. You can have an easy access to it with just a click of a button.