Stop Wasting Your Time And Read These 5 Tips To Clear Google Adword Certification!

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Are you also one of those who becomes anxious when someone brings the topic of “exams” in front of you? Probably if you are in the Digital Marketing industry then you would know how important is to be certified by the Google. Google Adwords which is also known as PPC (Pay per Click) program which is an advertising campaign program.

 And if you are an expert in PPC and know every tricks and tactic then you must get certified by the Google Adwords certification. This will add to your resume and to whichever company you apply it will be a bonanza to have a Google Adwords Certification and it will also highlight your career in the best possible way.

First of all digital marketers have to know that it is a free cost exam and you don’t have to pay for it. Google holds two exams for the Google Adwords Certification and one will be Adword fundamental and other you have to choose between Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Video Advertising, Shopping Advertising, and Mobile Advertising. The exam is 120 minutes long and there will be total 100 questions. You have to score either 80% or more than 80% to pass the certification and it will be valid for 12 months and after every 12 months, you have to retake the exam to maintain your certification.

Here are the 5 tips to follow to get the Certification without any anxiety.

1. Begin with the basics of the PPC.

Yes, make your base strong so that you can make a tall and strong building. If your basics are not strong you would be tricked by the questions which are asked in the exams. Further, if you study any and everything then it will be a mess, so make a study strategy and learn the basics of Adwords such as bidding, ad auction etc. in depth. And also keep yourself updated with the latest PPC trends which will dominate in the current year.

2. Do not let the questions trick you!

This can only be possible if your basics are very strong and when you have studied thoroughly and this is a baby step. After that, read them twice and thrice to make sure what it is asking and carefully weave your answers.

3. Use the iPass exam to practice.

As everyone says practice makes a man perfect. You also have to take pseudo tests to make a flow of answers and to manage your time. Because the time is 120 minutes and there are 100 tricky questions which are waiting to trick you and iPass is the tool which will help you to practice as it has over 300 questions and makes you practice over and over again.

4. Learn by writing notes.

Listening will not help in this certification. You have to write down the notes so that you do not get confused in the end. And it is a not a correct approach that you just read and all the information will sink in but this will make a mess in your mind. So write down your notes and learn.

5. Clear your doubts by joining Forums.

This will really help you if you have any doubts. Ask questions in the forum and gain experience. Get answers from the experts so that you can weave your answer correctly. It is better to ask questions get confused now instead to regret later.

If you have the anxiety that you will flunk in the exam than read these 5 tips and pass the Google Certification with flying colors.