Double Your SEO Success With These 5 Tips To Create Evergreen Content

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2018 has been a better year in terms of SEO. After the digitization of the country, everyone is moving towards this sector. But, one thing all fails to realize that SEO is nothing if you do not have a strong CONTENT STRATEGY.

Google is now planning to create such strategies that it is becoming difficult day by day to apply SEO and tactics is all what is needed to extract the audience and to boost the SEO success.

CONTENT is the most important thing which is needed and to create an evergreen content which will benefit from your SEO campaigns is altogether a different and a difficult task. There is much more in the content marketing field rather than just to create content.

So let us first understand what evergreen content is and why it is important to have evergreen content. Evergreen content is that content which has long-term value and which gives SEO practitioners more benefit rather than having short-term value.

Evergreen posts are those which includes Frequently Asked Questions, How To’s tutorials, beginners guide and which are written for the readers. And the short-term posts are the trend based posts, news and updates which comes and goes and does not hold long-term benefits and which cannot be republished.

One question will now strike your mind as to why creating evergreen content is necessary when we are having a strong audience on the trending and hot selling topics, right? So let me answer you that by posting the trending topics will not give you strong backlinks for your websites, it does not attract links as well as it will not build your authority and hence it will not create site continuity and hierarchy.

You have to apply content marketing hacks to get more traffic to your blog in 2018 which includes creating evergreen content.

Here are the 5 tips to create the Evergreen conten

1. Brainstorm the ideas for your content

Do not go for the idea which is mundane for the users to read. You have to write a content which is related to your niche and which is also interesting to your readers. I know it is a bit difficult task but you have to do this in order to create the evergreen content. Make up the list of the ideas and topics on you want to write about and choose the best one.

2. The next step: Keyword Research (most important).

Now when you have the idea and topic on which you have to write, search the web and observe the behavior of the readers as for how they are searching for the particular topic you are going to write about. Choose the particular phrase, line or keyword which is popular and has less competition.

3. Always remember you are writing for the readers.

This includes that write in a simple language which the reader understands easily and who do not belong to your niche also understands the point which you are mentioning. Avoid using the jargons and slogans, give key lights in your content, make the presentation better, break the paragraphs so that they do not get bored and which is helpful to them.

4. Main task: Optimizing for the search engines

Now is the time to apply those SEO tactics and hacks on your content so that it is highlighted on the top of the search engines. Make SEO friendly URL’s and include Meta tags, title, descriptions and do all the other activities for the success of the campaign.

5. Always update your content with the time.

Yes, evergreen content also requires updations, so you are required to update your content twice in 6 months which depends on the industry which you are creating content for.

The secret of creating Evergreen content is- write for the READERS, reader’s knowledge, reader’s education then you will always be able to create a great content.