Augment of Digital Advertising in the present Scenario!!

You are currently viewing Augment of Digital Advertising in the present Scenario!!

With the promotion of the Digitization by our respective Prime Minister Narender Modi itself, the trend of the Digital Marketing has suddenly caught winds. With the billions of the people using Digital methods to do the mundane tasks it has given rise to the marketers and has also encouraged them to market over the digital methods.

Advertising has been the core of any business and till now also advertising plays a vital role but now its methods have been changed. With the rise of digital marketing, our target audience is spending time on the mobile phones and on the internet. Now very few people give attention to the advertisement is placed on the billboards.

As the trend changes, markets also have to change their strategies and hence the smart marketers have caught the right cords of doing marketing online which is known as Digital Advertising through videos and taglines.

If we go according to the stats we have over 1 billion people which are currently using internet via either their mobile phones or through their desktop. Earlier the digital marketing was a choice dependent on the owner but if we see the present scenario it has no longer remained a choice but has become an obligation.

In the recent years, the growth of the digital industry has increased by leaps and bounds and now it no longer remained a medium to earn money but has become an earning source. Suddenly the market of the digital industry has spread its web across every sector of our economy.

Agree or not Digital marketing has changed the way we used to market and the digital advertising firstly came as a second option which has become the first option in no time. It has changed the way we think and does marketing. The social platform has also played the big role in the success of the digital marketing if we do not count the mobile phones.

One thing is assured that the digital industry is not going to face the deflation at least not in coming years. Even the experts have estimated this digital advertising industry to be worth of 8,202 crores in the coming years. As rightly said by Ashish Bhasan that has indeed affected the industry and the business which will not go with the flow will lack behind in the competition and yes “Digital is no longer a medium but a way of doing business”.

The stats also show us the growth of the Digital industry and the Digital Advertisements. There was a time when these advertisements faced a lot of repercussions when the people saw the advertisements o their phones but now they seem to enjoy the digital advertisements in the form of Videos which connects with them emotionally.  And if you still wondering whether to opt for digital marketing or not or you are in confusion then I think you go and research its benefits right now so that you do not lack behind.