Are you very much into blogging? But confused which platform to choose for blogging? –read this!

You are currently viewing Are you very much into blogging? But confused which platform to choose for blogging? –read this!

I think you have decided to earn money through your hobby which is blogging. You can also read our blog- Ever pondered over the fact that you can make money from your blog, for great tips to earn money from your blogging. But now, the question arises is that which is the potential site to publish your blog? Remember that it does matter where you are publishing your blog so that you can get maximum readers. So, you have to choose very carefully in which site you should publish your blog.

When you had decided to earn money through your blog one thought must have crossed your mind which is- where to start? Which blogging platform should you use for fine blogging results? Promoting and establishing your blog on a correct platform is really important. For instance, imagine that you have great blogging skills and you use every tip to enhance your blog but you are using a platform which has no readers. That is when it becomes difficult and you start questioning your skills.

So, before you question yourself on your blogging skills, question yourself that are you using a correct blogging platform for your blog or not?

Now, let us think what is an ideal blogging platform would do for you-

Firstly it should allow you to customize your blogging content according to your writing style and personality. Secondly, it should have an option to add the logo which will establish your blog and from which your blog would be recognized. Thirdly it should allow your readers to share their viewpoints and you to share it on social media and lastly, it should be mobile friendly.

Here are 4 best blogging platforms which you can use:


The USP of this platform is its user-friendly nature. What makes this platform so popular is its advanced features, provides its publisher’s updates every month so that they can enjoy more features. And they also pride mobile friendly page for your blog. It’s not a free platform altogether you would have to buy its domains to enjoy all features. I would suggest if you really want to make money use this platform and the threat of some false complains claiming is also minimal.


WordPress provides two platforms and this platform is free for those who are into blogging but with limited access to its features. If you want to pursue your hobby and do not want to earn money you can create your account on this platform for easier reach to your customers and then maybe sometime in future you can be a professional blogger.

3. Blogspot by Google

I would say that it is a better alternative of WordPress provided by Google. It’s a free platform provided by Google for blogging who are novice into blogging. It let you monetize your blog in whichever way you want. It is also mobile friendly and let you publish and edit your blog through mobile. But in the recent years, its popularity has been decreased as it does not provide often update which is required in today’s fast pacing technological world.

4. Medium.

This platform does not offer that much and if you are new to blogging and just care about improving your writing skills establishing your blog without care much of monetization then you can go on with this platform.

If you ask me, which is the best platform, I would say if you really think that you can do blogging efficiently then choose for your blog and everything else fails to go for medium and improve yourself while establishing your blog.