5 Must Asked Questions in a Content Marketing Interview!

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If you are looking for questions that are asked in a content marketing interview then you are in a right place. As everyone already knows that content is king and it is very difficult to create unique and engaging content. If you read the news then you will know that now Google also is planning to publish content which cannot be copied and hence there will emerge great and massive opportunities for content writers. However, the interview process is a bit tricky and interviewers analyze each and everything just by throwing questions.

It is really important to know why the companies are in need of content writers, which is simple. They need someone who can convey their brand to the audience effectively and they need a voice which matches their brand voice. Content held the utmost importance in the digital marketing sector. If there is no meaningful content there will be no leads.

So here are the 5 tweaking questions that are asked in the content marketing interview with their answers.

1. What according to you is content marketing and what do you enjoy most about it?

Of course, recruiters want to know that whether you will be able to match with their requirements or not. Hence, do not lie. A preferable answer is talking about your passion and why do you like writing, what is your passion for some technical and typical answer to what is content marketing.

2. How do you decide what to write?

Do not answer like “my manager tells me the topic and I start writing about it”. This is the wrong approach. Every effective content is written by a lot of research and questions and after a lot of discussions with the lead generation team as what are common questions their users ask or through what problem they have.

3. What according to you means a “successful content”?

You should answer a successful content is which penetrates into audience’s comfort zone and compels audiences to engage through their writing. A successful content is which is able to convey the brand’s message successfully and generates leads.

4. Do you also bother about if your content has performed well or not?

Indirectly they want to ask what is the success rate of your content! Whether you give any importance to numbers or not! So tell them you do check the rankings of your content through Google Analytics and Alexa ranking.

5. What you do after publishing your content?

Recruiters want to ask whether you are able to promote your content or not. As publishing the content is one thing in the marketing and getting an audience is another thing. So do tell them that you promote it by asking your co employers to share it and adopting some strategies such as scheduling tweets etc for promoting.

Get to these questions which are must in the content marketing and rock!