Start Using These 4 Tools To Increase Ranking Of Your YouTube Videos

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Doing promotion of your brand or of your video on the social media platforms are no less than a headache. Every day the competition is rising above the heads and to stay ahead we have to do something unique without leaving any stone unturned.

We have to grab the opportunity to trend on these social media platforms.  One of the second largest social media platforms is YouTube and every marketer and YouTuber is head over heels so that their video content ranks higher and make in the top 10 trending topics.

Every day there are 5 Billion videos are watched on this platform. When your audience is on the social networking platform; that too updated and smart, then you also have to keep your wits tight and updated.

So, are you also trying to rank your videos? Then probably you are on a right place. Because we are going to discuss the major 4 tools through which you can work upon the rankings of your videos, as a result, enhancing the ranking.

One major positive thing is Google also loves Videos. So when users search something and your video is related to it then it will be automatically shown to them (obviously the videos which are shown by Google have rich snippets) resulting in getting more clicks which will definitely increase the watch time.

So, I will not waste much of your time and now we will quickly discuss those 4 tools which will be proved as most valuable for your YouTube Channel and it will also help you to increase your YouTube subscribers.

4 Tools for improving the ranking of Videos of your YouTube Channel

1. Check out what interests the audience through GOOGLE TRENDS

You have to make sure that the content and the topic of your video is interesting and your audience is catching it. To do it you can use Google Trends to see the analytics of a Particular topic like the reaction and reviews of the audience to a particular topic. For example, nowadays the trend has moved from “Funny animals” to “naughty animals” on the social media platform. This will help you to create a video which has enough importance.

2. Create valuable keywords, evaluate your keywords and determine competition through UBERSUGGEST.

This will help you to create better keywords and it will show the keyword in terms of SEO and PPC. Whether your keyword has low competition or high competition, if you can use it or not or by using it will you get the results. It is really important to evaluate the keywords to get a better overview.

3. Follow YouTube Autosuggestion

It is the most effective way to get a keyword or to include additional keywords because the keywords typed here are those which the users itself type so you will get the idea how users are searching content on the site which really helps. It is really important to know how users are searching if you got the nerve of the audience, ranking your YouTube is not that difficult!

4. Use VidIQ for right Tags.

Searching for right tags is equally important to rank your videos. It a free extension offered by Google plus you just have to sign in and analyze your competition.

Take advantage of these tools to rank your website and the get the nerve of your Audience in the era of Competition.