10 Incredible Ways To Increase YouTube Subscribers In 2018!

If I am not wrong, YouTube is the 3rd most searched social media platform for uploading and viewing videos. YouTube has approximately 1 billion-plus users all over the world and 1.80 million only in India. With the increase in the viewership and popularity of YouTube the entertainment industry is earning a lot more money only through YouTube.

The numbers never lie, believe me! YouTube is the famous platform for standup comedians, dancers, and for many others. Even the commoners like me and you are turning to YouTube for earning.

But YouTube channel requires a way more hard work than you think. Having a YouTube channel is a full-time Job. It requires optimizing your YouTube Videos through Google trends which are a tricky task.

YouTube works on the basis of the viewership and subscribers. The more subscribers the more viewers your channel has and hence more earning. Recently we have seen a tremendous shift in the increase of the subscribers. In the recent past years, the rate of the subscribers has increased dramatically.

The reason for this shift can be the stressed life of the people and they escape through their mundane life pattern through the funny videos and the other related videos.

 Through a survey, it was revealed that out of 10 persons, 7 spend a total of 3hours per day on YouTube. YouTube is going to be revolutionized more in coming years. If we see the graph (given below) we can already see that it has already revolutionized the world of blogging and content marketing.

Without subscribers, it is very difficult to survive in the YouTube World. The YouTube world revolves around subscribers and viewers to earn money. It is really difficult to viral the videos on YouTube in order to get Subscribers.

Here I am providing the top 10 savvy tips which can get you the subscribers more easily, efficiently and quickly:

1. Make an overall blueprint of your channel. What it will be all about. Strategize your videos. Write a script for your planned videos so that you do not lose the focal point and aim of your video. Organize your script in a beautiful manner and say all you want to say in just a few words.

2. Create engaging content; that goes without saying actually. According to a survey, 70% of the viewers drop out from a Video they are watching in just 20 seconds. Want to the reason behind that? It is just because videos are not engaging and are unable to connect and tune with the audience.

3. The question of when to upload the video and the right time to upload the video still remains a mystery. It depends and differs according to people. Find your own correct time of uploading the videos which work for you and yes upload your videos frequently so that you are not lost in the billions of videos and channels.

4. Keep your videos short and crispy. People generally don’t have that time and patience to see a 20 minute or 30-minute video. They will definitely drop out from your video. Keep it off 5 minutes or less than that.

5. Give a glimpse of your channel through trailers. It has a huge impact on the audience. Make your audience curious about your channel by giving them the ignition point through the sneak peak.

6. Short and catchy titles of your videos also attract the audience and new plus loyal subscribers. The ideal title should have 50 characters and not more than that. Also, remember that you do not use a keyword like a video in your title.

7. Do not hide your Identity as a blogger. Interact with your fans and subscribers. Listen to their requests which they made in the comment section and follow their advice as well which will definitely have a huge influence.

8. Alliance with other YouTuber’s of your niche. It will give a positive vibe to your subscriber and plus it will be a win-win situation.

9. The ending of the videos is also important. End your videos with the questions which will leave the audience in shock and forces them to take action. That should be a perfect end or you can also end your videos to the climax and you also can leave your video open-ended.

10. Do edit your videos which will ensure that you are delivering a high quality of the video which your audience will also appreciate.

By adopting these tips and giving attention to the small things you can increase the rate of the subscribers for your YouTube channel.