Instagram VS Pinterest- An Onerous Choice for E-commerce Business!

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I personally think that the social networking sites such as Pinterest and Instagram are continuously underestimated when it comes to social media marketing. Employees who are experts in digital marketing know how important it is to generate audience but when you are getting the audience just like that; people tend to ignore it. There are so many hue and cries over the correct use of the two social media platforms which are Pinterest and Instagram. Anybody who ignores what lies in these two platforms would be a fool because these platforms are used by E-commerce sites and digital marketers to establish the audience and brand awareness.

If we look at the numbers you will be shocked that total number of users of Pinterest as well as Instagram is 500 million. Anyone who will ignore this massive audience is a fool. And if you are wondering about Facebook is better or twitter, read our previous blog- Facebook vs. Twitter: Which Is Better for Your Business in India.

Both the platforms were launched in the 2010 and around. But these two has taken Indian market by williwaw. At the surface level both the platforms has capabilities to create a storm of traffic. Both provides a platform to the digital marketers and entrepreneurs to create brand awareness effectively trough sharing pictures on these two platforms.

There are many similarities between these platforms such as both allow image sharing, commenting, tagging, and uploading images. These similarities are of surface level but they both have huge difference if we bother to go in depth. Let us now talk about the differences of these platforms and then we will jump into conclusion as what platform is better for the business.

The battle between Instagram and Pinterest!

1. The first and foremost stark difference between these two platforms is the number of users it has. Instagram has 400 millions and counting active users and Pinterest has 100 million users. Instagram has four times the users of Pinterest. Ofcourse this matters when you want to do marketing in two platforms. Instagram has more of personal followers but pinterest has more of formal followers.

2. Instagram allows editing and providing filters to upload the pictures while interest doesn’t provide any filter maintaining the High Definition quality of image and its standard.

3. Instagram allows users to share videos and screenshots but Pinterest does not allow this.

4. The other most important difference between Instagram and Pinterest is that Instagram is based on the social synergy but Pinterest is not. through instagram people can share their personal snapshots and pictures which can have a great influence as it contributes to mouth publicity.

5. Instagram is a good platform to create brand awareness and to establish an audience which can be converted into potential customers where as Pinterest is best used to generate potential traffic to your website.

After seeing the differences you will be wondering which platform to use for your business right? Which is best for your business? I think that the answer lies in your requirement. If you require to create brand awareness and to reach to the massive audience then you must switch to Instgram. On the other hand if you want to create leads and want to generate traffic to your website then, Pinterest is the best option. But according to me Instagram and Pinterest should be used simultaneously which will benefit more. If you use both the platforms correctly the results generated will be more effective. I would personally recommend using the combination of both the platform’s advantages to your benefit.