“Impeccable Training and Placement Credit Goes To Digital Edge Institute”- Varun Nagpal

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An Interview with Varun-

 In a session, he shared with us the key points and importance of learning digital marketing, post a B.com course and provided some best techniques of digital marketing industry in right and positive way.

Q1. First of all, congratulations on your placement, we would like to know more about the academic qualification?

Ans. Thank you. Currently I am doing B.Com (Hons.). I have a keen interest in this industry and that particular thing pushes me off to pursue my career in this field and be a successful Digital marketer.

Q2. What did you prefer after completing your B.com degree?

Ans.  After the completion of UG, I would prefer to do my post graduation and along with it I will keep working on Digital marketing because that is my passion and I am sure that I will become a successful SEO Specialist. My focus is on targeting the top-notch organizations in this industry. It is a trending industry and I want myself to make good in it.

Q3. Can you please provide a short summary of the interview and what was your experience while facing the interview?

Ans.  In the initial round of interview I was pretty nervous. However, things go well and I told everything about my skills and training I received from the institute. I even told them about my website www.bollywoodshok.com and i told them how I work on it and they were impressed by my answers and I would like to thank my mentor Mr. Abhishek Sir. Even though I have some knowledge about some of the modules in this course, I came to know a lot about the depth of this course while getting my training from the Digital Edge Institute.

Q4. How would you rate Digital Edge on a scale of 1 to 10?

Ans. I would give 9/10 points for their delivery methods, the knowledge that they provide, modules that they offer and the real-time training that they offer while teaching the course.

Q5. Where do you see yourself in your future?

Ans. I would like to give this industry nearly 2 to 3 years in order to get all the knowledge that has been left behind and then I would prefer to start my own business and be a player in this sector.

 Q6. How would you express your journey with the digital edge?

Ans. Knowledge is all what we need to nourish our career and I always wanted to gain complete knowledge about the course and I was searching for the institute that would help me with the course. I was very happy when I had a words with the experts at the DEI and as per my expectations, all the knowledge that I wanted was provided to me by the tutors of Digital Edge Institute.

Q7. What message would you like to provide to the young fellows who want to make their career in digital marketing?

Ans. My advice to all my competitors is that you should keep focus on the subject and work hard to enjoy this adventurous journey on digital platform. One should keep learning and always remember the fact that the more you learn the more you get.

While talking to Mr. Varun Nagpal, we came to know some amazing information and we on the behalf of DEI hope that he gets all the success that he wants.

Mr. Varun Nagpal completed her Digital marketing training from Digital Edge Institute in 2017.