Interview with one of our Trainee:-“Placement credit goes to Digital Edge Institute”- Farah Khan

You are currently viewing Interview with one of our Trainee:-“Placement credit goes to Digital Edge Institute”- Farah Khan

An Interview with Ms. Farah–

In a session, she shared with us her journey of learning digital marketing with Digital Edge, after an MBA course and provided some best techniques for digital marketing industry right way.

Q1. Hi Farah, very congratulations for your first job. Going further, we would be glad to know about your academic qualification!

Ans. Thanks a lot! I have done B.Com, after then, I have completed M.TECH after that I wanted to change my stream as I have heard everyone talking about Digital Marketing so decided to make my career in digital marketing training with Digital Edge Institute.

Q2. Great, even after having an M.TECH degree, you skipped some good career opportunities and went for Digital Marketing Training, why?

Ans. Yes, because digital revolution is rapidly growing and each and every industry is been converting online that’s why there are lots of career growth and opportunities for aspirants and students can easily secure his/her career in the digital marketing industry.

Q3. Will you please short summary us about the interview procedure, so that it could be helpful for our learning students and the readers to get an introductory idea?

Ans. Ya.  Sure, my interview was awesome and I have faced 2 rounds, the first one was telephonic and some basic questions were asked and another one was Face to Face. In F2F I had solved some tactics and emerging question about the SEO like as Google Algorithm, On-page & off-page techniques and many more questions.

Q4. How was your journey with Digital Edge, please share your experience with us!

Ans. Thanks for asking this question because I was very excited to share about my journey with Digital Edge Institute. Digital Edge gave me the right direction to follow my dreams. I got best and experienced trainers like as Mr. Abhishek Sir, Mr. Sachin, and Mr. Saumitra Sir, I also got best study environment and finally, I got placed as a Team Leader In East India Company through Digital Edge.

Q5. How would you rate Digital Edge training program on a scale of 10?

Ans. I would give 9/10 for delivery method, infrastructure, trainers and contents of the material.

Q6. Where you see digital marketing in future?

Ans. After 2-3 years of experience in the industry, I want to start my own work.

Q7. What would be your message to young fellows anticipating to begin their career in digital marketing?

Ans. Stay focused on the relevant subjects, be patient, keep learning properly and consistently and never stops learning and seeking, ask as many questions and clear your doubts on the spot. If anyone would follow this formula one day he/she will get best career opportunities and growth n this sector.

It was really great talking to you Farah, I hope you will achieve more and more success in your future in terms of Career and I appreciate your learning successfully method of digital marketing and thanks for your precious time.

Ms. Farah completed her Digital marketing training from Digital Edge Institute in 2017.